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AIIMS MBBS 2018 Higher Questions and Answers with Solutions Part 12

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Q: 109. How many polypeptide chains are there in molecule?





Ans. (1)

Q: 110. Which of the following is incorrect?

(1) Fructose is reducing sugar

(2) Cellulose has Glucose units

(3) DNA has D-ribose

(4) Amyeopectin is insoluble in water

Ans. (3)

Q: 111. Adrenocorticoids are released from.

(1) Adrenal cortex

(2) Thyroid gland

(3) Adrenal medulla

(4) Gonads

Ans. (1)

Q: 112. Which of the following has highest ?

(1) Human saliva

(2) Human blood

(3) Gastric juice

(4) Urine

Ans. (2)


Human Saliva - 6.8

Human blood - 7.4

Gastric Juice - 1.8

Urine - 6

Q: 113. Which fat soluble vitamin helps in synthesis of prothrombin?

(1) Vit K

(2) Vit A

(3) Vit B

(4) Vit C

Ans. (1)


Vit B & C are water soluble

Vit K is fat soluble required for formation of many clotting factor like prothrombin.

Q: 114. Which exocrine glands are present in skin?

(1) Sweat gland, eccrine

(2) Sweat gland, merocrine

(3) Sweat gland, apocrine

(4) Sweat gland, sebaceous gland

Ans. (4)

Q: 115. O2 dissociation curve is plotted between and …

(1) Saturation.


(3) Concentration


Ans. (1)


Partial Pressure of Oxygen

Title:- Q-115-Image of Partial Pressure of Oxygen

Description: Q-115- Image of Partial Pressure of Oxygen

Q: 116. Select the correct matching.

Select the Correct Matching
(4)CoelenterataAll marineHydra

Title:- Q-116-Table of correct Matching

Description: Q-116- Table of correct Matching

Ans. (2)


Hemichordate does not have Notochord

Platyhelminthes is acoelomate

Coelenterata all are aquatic mostly marine some fresh water.

Q: 117. Which all belong to the same phylum?

Same Phylum
(1)MammalianBalaenoptera, Delphinus, Rattus, Felis
(2)PoriferaEuspongia, Scypha, Pennatula
(3)ArthropodaCrab, Limulus, Aplysia, Cockroach
(4)CoelenterataHydra, Gorgonia, Obelia, Sycon

Title:- Q-117-Table of Same Phylum

Description: Q-117- Table of Same Phylum

Ans. (1)


In the (2) Option Pennatula is coelenterata

(3) Option Aplysia is Mollusca

(4) Option Sycon is Porifera

Balaenoptera is blue whale, Delphinus is Dolphin, Rattus is rat and Felis is cat all are mammals.

118. Find out the correct option about Coelenterata.

(1) Cnidoblast and bilateral symmetry

(2) Cnidoblast and radial symmetry

(3) Choanocytes and water canal system

(4) All marine and only sexual reproduction

Ans. (2)

Solution: Cnidoblast is the unique character coelenterata and coelenterates have radial symmetry.

Q: 119. Which of the following are true about Mollusca?

(1) Triploblastic and radial symmetry

(2) Bilateral symmetry and calcareous shell

(3) Radula and diploblastic

(4) Calcareous shell and radial symmetry

Ans. (2)


Mollusca have bilateral symmetry and they have (calcareous) shell.

Q: 120. Growth hormone and thyroxin increase the length of.

(1) Bone

(2) Muscle

(3) RBC

Ans. (1)

Q: 121. Radioactive C-dating and living fossils are used for.

(1) Biological age

(2) Geological age

(3) Age of Rock

(4) Geographical distribution

Ans. (1)


Geological age and Age of rock is generally done by method or U - Pb method

Carbon dating method is used to estimate the biological age

Q: 122. Fibroid (leiomyoma) uterus is a.

(1) Benign tumor of uterus

(2) Cancer of hypothalamus

(3) Tumor of cervix epithelium

(4) Cancer of vaginal epithelium

Ans. (1)