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AIIMS MBBS Entrance Test 2019 Biology Paper with Answer & Solutions 26 May Second Shift Part 5

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Q-105: Identify the diagram

Image TMV

(1) Bacteria

(2) Bacteriophage

(3) TMV

(4) Adenovirus

Answer: (3)

Q-106: Which of the following are all Nucleotides


(1) Adenosine, Cytidylic acid, Cytosine

(2) Adenylic acid, Cytidylic acid, Guanylic acid

(3) Cytidine, Adenine, Adenylic acid

(4) Uracil, Thymidine, Thymidylic acid

Answer: (2)

Q-107: Which cell is found in mucus secreting organs?


(1) Goblet cells

(2) Paneth cells

(3) Oxyntic cells

(4) Peptic cells

Answer: (1)

Q-108: Hairy root disease of dicot plants is caused by-

(1) Agrobacterium tumefactions

(2) Agrobacterium rhizogenic

(3) Bacillum thuriengiensis

(4) Melodogyne incognita

Answer: (2)

Q-109: Choose the correct one

Image Chorionic Villi Forms Placenta
Title: Table of Choose the Correct One
(1)A- Chorionic villiForms placenta
(2)B-Yolk sacPrevents desiccation of embryo
(3)C- umbilical cordHaemopoiesis
(4)D- BlastocystForms the embryo

Answer: (1)

Q-110: Which of the following options have features corresponding to the given animals

Aplysia, Asterias, Antedon, Echinus

(1) Water vascular system, Calcareous shell

(2) Water Canal system, Calcareous shell

(3) Calcareous shell, acoelomate

(4) Pseudocoelomate, Water vascular system

Answer: (1)

Q-111: Choose the correct option for the labelling in the given diagram (A, B, C, D)

Image Haversiancanal, Lacuna, Lamellae, Haversisystem


(1) Haversian canal, lacuna, Lamellae, Haversian system

(2) Haversian canal, Volkmann՚s canal, Endosteum, Lamellae

(3) Volkmanns canal, Lamellae, Osteocytes, Haversian canal

(4) Haversian canal, Osteocytes, Lamellae, Endosteum

Answer: (1)

Q-112: Which statement is incorrect for earthworm?


(1) Two pair of testis present in 10th and 11th segment

(2) One pair of ovaries in attached at the inter-segmental septum of the 12th and 13th segment

(3) It is hermaphrodite

(4) Male genital pore in present in 14th segment

Answer: (4)

Q-113: Immunity tolerance developed by


(1) Interaction with the antigen

(2) By giving antibodies

(3) Present by birth

(4) By giving antibiotics

Answer: (1)

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