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AIIMS MBBS Entrance Test 2019 Physics Paper with Answer & Solutions 26 May Second Shift Part 6

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Q-25: In given thermodynamic process determine efficiency of cycle

Image Thermodynamic Process Efficiency of Cycle


Determine efficiency of given cyclic process

Q-26: Determine coefficient of performance of given temperature limit.






Answer: (2)



Assertion: A charge particle is released from rest in magnetic field then it will move in circular path.

Reason: Work done by magnetic field is non-zero.

Answer: (4)


Assertion: Water drop stick to glass surface.

Reason: Water have properties of surface tension.

Answer: (2)


Assertion: Photodiode current work in reverse bias.

Reason: Change in diode increases with increase in intensity.

Answer: (2)


Assertion: Coefficient of performance in refrigerator may be greater than one.

Reason: Heat extracted from lower temperature reservoir.

Answer: (2)


Assertion: Binding energy increase with increases atomic mass number.

Reason: Density of nucleus increase with increases in atomic mass number.

Answer: (3)


Assertion: When electron and holes combine then this reaction is exothermic.

Reason: Whole electron cannot combine.

Answer: (3)


Assertion: Binding energy per unit nucleon increases with increase in atomic mass number.

Reason: Density of nucleus increases with increase in mass number.