AIIMS Solved Paper 2008 (Part 18 of 20)

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  1. A Pregnant Lady Acquires Chicken Pox 3 Days Prior To Delivery. She Delivers By Normal Vaginal Route. Which Of The Following Statements Is True?

    1. Both Mother And Baby Are Safe

    2. Give Antiviral Tt To Mother Before Delivery

    3. Give Antiviral Tt To Baby

    4. Baby Will Develop Congenital Varicella Syndrome

    Answer: d

  2. Earliest Detectable Congenital Malformation By Usg Is?

    1. Anencephaly

    2. Spina Bifida

    3. Meningocoele

    4. Cystic Hygroma

    Answer: a

  3. All Of The Following Should Be Done To Prevent The Transmission Of HIV From Mother To Baby Except?

    1. Vit A Supplementation To Mother

    2. No Breast Feeding

    3. Vaginal Delivery

    4. Zidovudine To Mother

    Answer: c

  4. A 45yr Old Lady With Dub Has 8mm Thickness Of Endometrium. Next Step In Management?

    1. Histopathology

    2. Hysterectomy

    3. Progesterone

    4. Ocp

    Answer: a

  5. All Are True About Pcod Except?

    1. Persistently Elevated Lh

    2. Increased Lh/Fsh Ratio

    3. Increased Dheas

    4. Increased Prolactin

    Answer: d

  6. A Female At 37 Wks Of Gestation Has Mild Labour Pain For 10 Hours And Cervix Is Persistently 1cm Dialated Non Effeced. What Will Be Next Appropriate Management?

    1. Sedation And Wait

    2. Augmentation With Syntocinon

    3. Cesarean Section

    4. Amniotomy

    Answer: c

  7. A Woman Comes With Obstructed Labour And Grossy Dehydrated Investigations Reveal Fetal Demise. What Will Be The Management?

    1. Craniotomy

    2. Decapitation

    3. Cesarean Section

    4. Forceps Extraction

    Answer: a

  8. Investigation Of Choice In Cholestasis Of Pregnancy?

    1. Bilirubin

    2. Bile Acids

    3. Alk Phosphatase

    4. Alt&Ast

    Answer: n/a

  9. A Female Has History Of 6 Weeks Amenorrhoea, Usg Shows Empty Sac, Serum Beta Hcg-1000iu. What Would Be Next Management?

    1. Medical Management

    2. Repeat Hcg After 48 Hours

    3. Repeat Hcg After 1 Week

    Answer: b

  10. Velpeau Sling And Swath Bandage Is Used In?

    1. Acromio C Lavicular Dislocation

    2. Shoulder Dislocation

    3. Fracture Scapula

    4. Fracture Clavicle

    Answer: n/a

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