AIIMS Solved Paper 2008 (Part 19 of 20)

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  1. In Post Radical Neck Dissection Syndrome All Are Seen Except?

    1. Shoulder Drooping

    2. Restricted Range Of Movement Of Shoulder Joint

    3. Shoulder Pain

    4. Normal Electromyographic Finding

    Answer: d

  2. Rissers Localiser Cast Is Used In The Conservative Management Of?

    1. Dorsolumbar Scoliosis

    2. Idiopathic Scoliosis

    3. Kyphosis

    4. Spondylolisthesis Grade Iii

    Answer: b

  3. Watson Jones Operation Is Done For?

    1. Valgus Deformity

    2. Muscle Paralysis

    3. Neglected Clubfoot

    4. Hip

    Answer: c

  4. Trendelenberg Test Is Positive Due To Injury To?

    1. Sup Gluteal N

    2. Inf Gluteal N

    3. Obturator N

    4. Tibial N

    Answer: a

  5. Joint Not Involved In Ra According To 1987 Modified Ara Criteria Is?

    1. Metatarsophalangeal

    2. Tarsometetarsal

    3. Ankle

    4. Elbow

    Answer: b

  6. In Posterior Compartment Syndrome Which Passive Movement Causes Pain?

    1. Dorsiflexion Of Foot

    2. Fooot Inversion

    3. Toe Dorsiflexion

    4. Foot Abduction

    Answer: a

  7. Most Common Cause Of Insertional Tendinitis Of Tendoachilles Is?

    1. Improper Shoe Wear

    2. Runners And Jumpers

    3. Overuse

    4. Intraleisonal Steroid ING


    Answer: a

  8. Child Presents With Linear Verrucous Plaques On The Trunk With Vacuolisation Of Keratinocytes In S. Spinosum And S. Granulosum. Diagnosis Is?

    1. Incontinenta Pigmenti

    2. Delayed Hypersensitivity Reaction

    3. Naevus

    4. Linear Darriers Disease

    Answer: d

  9. In Cengenital Dystrophic Epidermolysis [Bleep] Defct Is Seen In?

    1. Laminin 4

    2. Collagen Type 7

    3. N/A

    4. N/A

    Answer: b

  10. A Pt Comes With Proptosis And Abducent N Palsy. A Dark Homogenous Mass On T2w Mri Is Seen Which Shows Intense Enhancement With Contrast. Diagnosis Is?

    1. Cavernous Hemangioma

    2. Meningioma

    3. Astrocytoma

    4. Glioma

    Answer: b

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