AIIMS Solved Paper 2008 (Part 20 of 20)

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  1. Central Dot Sign Is Seen In?

    1. Carolis Disease

    2. Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis

    3. Polycystic Liver Disease

    4. Liver Hamartoma.

    Answer: a

  2. On Usg Diffuse Thickening Of Gall Bladder With Hyperechoic Shadow At Neck And Comet Tailing Is Seen In?

    1. Xanthogranulomatous Cholecystitis

    2. Adenomyomatosis

    3. Adenomyomatous Polyps

    4. Cholesterol Crystals

    Answer: b

  3. Ct Index. True Is?

    1. By Reducing Kvp By 50% Radiation Dose Is Reduced To Half

    2. N/A

    3. N/A

    4. N/A

    Answer: n/a

  4. Type Two Schizophrenia (Tj Crow) Is Characterised By All Except?

    1. Negative Symptoms

    2. Poor Response To Tt

    3. Disorganised Behaviour

    4. Ct Scan Abnormal

    Answer: c

  5. According To Disabilities Act 1995. Seventh Disability As It Is Usually Referred To Is?

    1. Neurological Abnormality

    2. Mental Illness

    3. Substance Abuse

    4. Disability Due To Road Traffic Accident

    Answer: b

  6. Cognitive Model Of Depression Is Given By?

    1. Godfrey

    2. Beck

    3. N/A

    4. N/A

    Answer: b

  7. Most Recent Marker Of Ect Is?

    1. 5-Hiaa

    2. Csf Dopamine

    3. Brain Derived Growth Factor

    4. Thyroxine


    Answer: c

  8. Fastest Route Of Absorption Of Local Anaesthetic Is?

    1. Intercostal

    2. Epidural

    3. Brachial

    4. Caudal

    Answer: a

  9. All Of The Following Cause Neurolept Malignant Syndrome Except?

    1. Amantadine

    2. Haloperidol

    3. Metoclopramide

    4. Domperidone

    Answer: a

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