AIIMS Solved Paper 2009 (Part 12 of 21)

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  1. Which Of The Following Is Associated With > 20% Risk Of Chromosomal Anomalies?

    1. Omphalocele

    2. Gastroschisis

    3. Cleft Lip

    4. Spina Bifida

    Answer: a

  2. What Does “C” In Crp Stand For?

    1. C-Polysaccharide Of Pneumococcus

    2. Chondroitin Sulfate In Series With Arp, Brp

    3. Concanavalin A

    4. Cellular

    Answer: a

  3. Elderly Male With Chest Pain, Cough And Sputum In Which Culture On Blood Agar Yields Gram Positive Cocci. How To Differentiate From Normal Commensals?

    1. Bile Solubility Test

    2. Bacitracin

    3. Optpchin

    4. Catalase

    Answer: b

  4. Not True Is

    1. Superior Thy Art Is Br Of Ext Carotid

    2. Inf Thy Is Br Of Thyro Cervical Trunk

    3. Parathyroid Art Is Br Of Post Dev Ofsup Thy Art

    4. Thyroidema Art Is Invariably A Br Of Arch Of Aorta

    Answer: d

  5. Tocolytic Of Choice In Heart Disease

    1. Nifidipine

    2. Mgso4

    3. Atosiban

    4. Alcohol

    Answer: b

  6. High Prolactin Due To

    1. High Fsh

    2. Elevated Estradiol

    3. Elevated Testosterone

    4. N/A

    Answer: a

  7. Baby Wid 46xx Has Ext Genitals Of Male, Which Of D Following Is Not A Possible Dd Of This Cd

    1. Aromatase Deficiency.

    2. N/A

    3. Mother Has Adrenal Androgen Tumor

    4. Anti Mullerian Hormone Deficiency

    Answer: d

  8. Ocp Fails When Used With All Except…

    1. Asprin

    2. Tetracycline

    3. Phenytion

    4. Rifampicin

    Answer: b

  9. Necrotizing Lymphadenitis Is Seen In

    1. Kimura Disease

    2. Kikuchi Disease

    3. Hodgkins

    4. Sarcoidosis

    Answer: b

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