AIIMS Solved Paper 2009 (Part 17 of 21)

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  1. Toxicity Of Co Limited To Its Diffusion D/T

    1. High Affinity 2 Hb

    2. Alveolar Memb Less Permeable To Co

    3. N/A

    4. N/A

    Answer: n/a

  2. Pt With Limited Scleroderma And One Month H/O Shortness Of Breath With Fvc Slightly Decreased, Fev1 Markedly Increased (Compared To Predicted), Dlco Markedly Decreased

    1. Interstitial Lung Disease

    2. Pulmonary Htn

    3. N/A

    4. Diaphragmatic Weakness

    Answer: b

  3. A Child With Chronic Diarrhea For Last One Year. Stool Sample Reveal 100 Micron Ova In Intestine, All Are Differentials Except

    1. G Discoides

    2. Chlonorchis Sinensis

    3. Fasciola Gigantica

    4. Ophisthorcis Viverrani

    Answer: n/a

  4. Rx Of Desmoid Tumors

    1. Wide Excision

    2. Wide Excision + Rt

    3. Rt

    4. Simple Excision

    Answer: b

  5. All Are “Impact” Indicator For Evaluation Of Asha's Performance-Except

    1. Number Of Meetings Attended

    2. Number Of Institutional Deliveries

    3. Reduction In Infant Mortality

    4. Hours Of Training

    Answer: b

  6. All Are Included In NRHM Except

    1. Strengthening Of Jsy

    2. Formation Of Patient And Social Welfare Societies

    3. State And District Health Mission

    4. Recruitment And Training Of Asha

    Answer: b

  7. Transection At Mid-Pons:

    1. Rapid, Shallow Breathing

    2. Apneusis

    3. Hypoxia

    4. Deep Breathing

    Answer: n/a

  8. Not Given In Under Directly Observed Therapy

    1. Clofazimine/Ethambutol

    2. Dapsone

    3. Rifampicin

    4. Pyrazinamide

    Answer: b

  9. Yr Old Man Receiving Aspirin For M. I. Prophylaxis For Last 2 Yr. He Passed Black Stool For 1 Day. No Abnormality Found In Abdominal Exa. Probable Dia:

    1. Duodenal Ulcer

    2. Ca Colon

    3. Esophagial Varix

    4. Iliocecal Tb.

    Answer: a

  10. Which Is Incorrect:

    1. Chemiluminescence: Excited Electron In Higher Orbit Comes To Lower Orbit By Emitting Energy In Form Of Photon

    2. Bioluminescence: Is A Form Of Chemiluminescence

    3. Phosphorescence: Absorbed Radiation Emitted As Light

    4. Photochemiluminescence

    Answer: n/a

  11. Glucose Transporter In Myocyte Is

    1. Glut1

    2. Glut2

    3. Glut3

    4. Glut4

    Answer: d

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