AIIMS Solved Paper 2009 (Part 18 of 21)

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  1. Stain Used In Identifying Fugii Is

    1. Methanamine

    2. Nigrosin

    3. N/A

    4. N/A

    Answer: a

  2. Sensitive Test For Chlamydia:

    1. Culture

    2. Nucleic Acid Amplification

    3. N/A

    4. N/A

    Answer: b

  3. Carisoprodol Activation Forms Which Metabolite

    1. Amphetamine

    2. Meprobamate

    3. Doxylamine

    4. Dimethadione

    Answer: b

  4. Ba Swallow, Posterior Indentation Seen With:

    1. Left Atrium

    2. Aortic Knuckle

    3. Aberrant Right Subclavian

    4. Sling Of Pulmonary Artery

    Answer: a

  5. Highest Concentration Of Potassium Is Seen In

    1. Bile

    2. Pancreatic Juice

    3. Ileal Secretions

    4. Rectum

    Answer: b

  6. 25 Year Old Female Patient Presenting With Dilated Arch Of Aorta With Ar, Aorta Resected On Hpe Shows Panarteritis Diagnosis Is

    1. Nonspecific

    2. Tuberculosis

    3. N/A

    4. N/A

    Answer: b

  7. False About Hemophilus Influenzae Is

    1. It Needs Facor X And V For Growth In Culture Media

    2. Capsule Plays An Important Role In Pathogenicity

    3. It's A Rare Cause Of Meningitis In First Two Months Of Life

    4. N/A

    Answer: n/a

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