AIIMS Solved Paper 2010 (Part 16 of 20)

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  1. Caspases are associated with

    1. Organogenesis

    2. Hydropic degeneration

    3. Collagen hyalinization

    4. None

    Answer: a

  2. Two siblings with osteogenesis imperfect, but their parents are normal. Mechanism of inheritance is

    1. Anticipation

    2. Genomic imprinting

    3. Germ line mosaicism

    4. New mutation

    Answer: c

  3. What is the mechanism of acute rheumatic fever

    1. cross reactivity with endogenous antigen

    2. innocent by slender effect

    3. due to toxin secretion by streptococci

    4. release of pyrogenic cytokines

    Answer: a

  4. Which of the following is associated with aging

    1. reduced cross linkages in collagen

    2. increased free radical injury

    3. decreased somatic mutations in DNA

    d increased superoxide dismutase levels

    Answer: b

  5. CD marker specific for myeloid series

    1. CD34

    2. CD 45

    3. CD 99

    4. CD117

    Answer: c

  6. Berry aneurysm Defect lies in

    1. degeneration of internal elastic lamina

    2. degeneration of media/muscle cell layer

    3. Deposition of mucoid material in media

    4. low grade inflammation of vessel wall

    Answer: b

  7. True about cow's milk are all except

    1. Cow's milk contains 80% whey protein not casein

    2. Cow's milk has less carbohydrate than mothers milk

    3. Has more k + and Na + than infant formula feeds

    4. Has more protein than breast milk

    Answer: a

  8. Eisenmenger syndrome True are A/E

    1. Pulmonary veins are not distended

    2. RV & LV walls come back to normal size

    3. Dilatation of central pulmonary artery

    4. Peripheral pruning of pulmonary arteries

    Answer: b

  9. All are signs of impending Eisenmenger except

    1. Increased flow murmur across tricuspid & pulmonary valve

    2. Single S2

    3. Loud P2

    4. Graham steel murmur

    Answer: a

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