AIIMS Solved Paper 2010 (Part 3 of 20)

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  1. Splicing activity is a function of:

    1. mRNA

    2. snRNA

    3. tRNA

    4. rRNA

    Answer: b

  2. After digestion by restriction endonucleases DNA strands can be joined again by:

    1. DNA polymerase

    2. DNA ligase

    3. DNA topoisomerase

    4. DNA gyrase

    Answer: b

  3. True about sickle cells are all, except:

    1. Single nucleotide change results in change of glutamine to valine

    2. Sticky patch is generated as a result of replacement of a non polar residue with a polar residue

    3. HbS confers resistance against malaria in heterozygotes

    4. RFLP results from a single base change

    Answer: b

  4. Infection of CNS spreads in inner ear through

    1. Cochlear aqueduct

    2. Endolymphatic sac

    3. Vestibular aqueduct

    4. Hyrtle fissure

    Answer: a

  5. Most common site for CSF rhinorrhoea is:

    1. Ethmoidal sinuses

    2. Maxillary sinuses

    3. Frontal sinuses

    4. Tegmen tympani

    Answer: a

  6. Endolymph in the inner ear:

    1. Is a filterate of blood serum

    2. Is secreted by stria vascularis

    3. Is secreted by basilar membrane

    4. Is secreted by hair cells

    Answer: b

  7. Bell's palsy patient comes on day 3. Treatment given would be:

    1. Intratympanic steroids

    2. Oral steroids + vitamin B

    3. Oral steroids + Acyclovir

    4. Vitamin B + vasodilators

    Answer: c

  8. Heat rupture is characterized by

    1. irregular margin

    2. Clotted blood

    3. regular margin

    4. clotted blood vessels

    Answer: d

  9. Motorcyclist fracture among the following is

    1. ring facture

    2. sutural separation

    3. comminuted fracture of vault of skull

    4. Fracture base of skull into anterior & posterior halves

    Answer: d

  10. A child brought with suspected ingestion, presented with dry mouth, dilated pupil, difficulty in swallowing, delirium, dry & warm skin, the substance is:

    1. Anti-cholinergic

    2. Sympathetic

    3. Cholinergic

    4. Alpha-blocker

    Answer: a

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