AIIMS Solved Paper 2010 (Part 4 of 20)

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  1. Incisional wound on genital is seen commonly in:

    1. accidents

    2. Suicides

    3. Homicides

    4. Postmortem artifact

    Answer: c

  2. Destructive power of bullet is determined by:

    1. weight of bullet

    2. shape of bullet

    3. Size of bullet

    4. velocity of bullet

    Answer: d

  3. Causes of primary amenorrhea are all except

    1. Rokitansky syndrome

    2. Sheehan syndrome

    3. Kollman syndrome

    4. Turner syndrome

    Answer: b

  4. A lady with placenta previa delivered a baby. She had excessive bleeding and shock. After resuscitation most likely complication would be

    1. Galactorrhoea

    2. Diabetes insipidus

    3. Loss of menstruation

    4. Cushing's syndrome

    Answer: c

  5. The presence of increased levels of which of the following in amniotic fluid is an indicator of open neural tube defect in the fetus?

    1. Phosphatidylesterase

    2. Acetyl cholinesterase

    3. Pseudocholine esterase

    4. Butyrylcholine esterase

    Answer: b

  6. A 35 yr old P 3 + 0 is observed to have CIN grade III on colposcopic biopsy. Best treatment will be

    1. Cryosurgery

    2. Conization

    3. LEEP

    4. Hysterectomy

    Answer: c

  7. A pregnant lady had no complaints but mild cervical lymphadenopathy in first trimester. She was prescribed spiramycin but she was non-complaint. Baby was born with hydrocephalous and intracerebral calcification. Which of the these is likely cause?

    1. Toxoplasmosis

    2. CMV

    3. Cryptococcus

    4. Rubella

    Answer: a

  8. Which of the following treatments for menorrhagia is not supported by evidence?

    1. Tranexamic acid

    2. Ethamylate

    3. Combined OCP

    4. Progesterone

    Answer: b

  9. A pregnant female at 35 wks of pregnancy is diagnosed with SLE. Drugs that can be used to treat are all except:

    1. Corticosteroids

    2. Sulphasalazine

    3. Methotrexate

    4. Hydroxychloroquine

    Answer: c

  10. Vaginal delivery can be allowed in all except

    1. Monochorionic, monoamniotic twins

    2. Mentoanterior

    3. Extended breech

    4. Dichorionic twins with first vertex & second breech

    Answer: a

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