AIIMS Solved Paper 2010 (Part 5 of 20)

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  1. A lady undergoes total radical hysterectomy for stage Ib Ca cervix. It was found that Ca extends to lower part of body of uterus and upper part of cervix. Next step of management will be

    1. Chemotherapy

    2. Radiotherapy

    3. Chemoradiation

    4. Follow-up

    Answer: d

  2. A 35 yr old woman presents with primary infertility & palpable pelvic mass. Her CA-125 level is 0 U/ml. Diagnosis is

    1. Ovarian Ca

    2. Endometrioma

    3. Tuberculosis

    4. Borderline ovarian tumor

    Answer: b

  3. Ideal contraceptive for lactating mothers is:

    1. Barrier method

    2. Combined OCP

    3. Lactational amenorrhea

    4. Progesterone only pill

    Answer: c

  4. Test for ovarian reserve

    1. LH

    2. LH/FSH ratio

    3. FSH

    4. Estradiol

    Answer: c

  5. At what gestational age should a pregnancy with cholestasis of pregnancy be terminated?

    1. 34 weeks

    2. 36 weeks

    3. 38 weeks

    4. 40 weeks

    Answer: c

  6. Clomphene citrate True statement is

    1. Enclomiphene is anti-estrogenic

    2. Increases pregnancy rate 3 times as compared to placebo

    3. Incidence of twin pregnancy is 5 − 6%

    4. It has been shown to increase fertility in oligospermic males in randomized controlled trials

    Answer: a

  7. Pain of ovarian carcinoma is referred to

    1. back to thigh

    2. gluteal region

    3. anterior surface of thigh

    4. medial surface of thigh

    Answer: d

  8. All are seen in gestational diabetes except

    1. Previous macrosomic baby

    2. Obesity

    3. Malformations

    4. Polyhydramnios

    Answer: c

  9. Radiological features of left ventricular heart failure are all, except:

    1. kerly B lines

    2. cardiomegaly

    3. oligenic lung fields

    4. increased flow in upper lobe veins

    Answer: c

  10. Which is the most common childhood CNS tumor to metastasize outside brain?

    1. ependymoma

    2. glioblastoma multiforme

    3. choroids plexus tumor

    4. medulloblastoma

    Answer: d

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