AIIMS Solved Paper 2010 (Part 7 of 20)

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  1. Digitalis toxicity enhanced by A/E

    1. renal failure

    2. Hyperkalemia

    3. hypercalcemia

    4. hypomagnesemia

    Answer: b

  2. True about hemochromatosis

    1. Is genetically heterogenous

    2. Cannot be treated by phlebotomy

    3. Completely penetrant

    4. More common in females

    Answer: a

  3. Strawberry gingivitis seen in

    1. Myelocytic infiltration

    2. Phenytoin toxicity

    3. Wegner granulomatosis

    4. Klipel renaunay syndrome

    Answer: c

  4. A child presents with recurrent episodes of lip and laryngeal edema and abdominal pain associated with stress levels of which of the following are reduced

    1. C3

    2. C5a

    3. C1 estease inhibitor

    4. C9

    Answer: c

  5. Best test for initial malabsorption

    1. D-xylose test

    2. NBT-PABA Test

    3. Fecal fatestimation

    4. Schilling test

    Answer: a

  6. All are true about temporal arthritis except

    1. Can leads to sudden bilateral blindness

    2. More common in females

    3. Worsen on exposure to heat

    4. Mostly affects elderly

    Answer: c

  7. A pt presents with acute rheumatic carditis with fever. True statement is

    1. Increase troponin T

    2. Reduced myocardial contractibility

    3. Signs of inflammation and necrosis

    4. Valve replacement will ameliorate C. C. F.

    Answer: d

  8. Cardiovascular complications of HIV infection include all of the following except

    1. pericardial effusion

    2. Cardiac tamponade

    3. Cardiomyopathy

    4. Aortic Aneurysm

    Answer: d

  9. A male patient presented with granulomatous penile ulcer. On Wright geimsa stain tiny organisms of 2 microns within macrophages see. What is the causative organism?

    1. LGV

    2. Calymmatobacterium grabulomatis

    3. Neisseria

    4. Staph aureus

    Answer: b

  10. Diagnostic of Rabies

    1. Guarneri bodies

    2. Negri bodies

    3. Cowdry a body

    4. Bollinger bodies

    Answer: b

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