AIIMS Solved Paper 2010 (Part 8 of 20)

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  1. Streptococcus all are true except

    1. streptodornase cleaves DNA

    2. streptolysis O is active in reduced state

    3. Streptokinase is produced from serotype A, C, K

    4. pyrogenic toxin A is plasmid mediated

    Answer: d

  2. Superantigens true is

    1. they bind to the cleft of the MHC

    2. Needs to processed before presentation

    3. they are presented by APC's to T cells

    4. directly attached to lateral aspect of TCR beta chain

    Answer: d

  3. Not used in leptospirosis

    1. microscopic agglutination test

    2. dark field illumination

    3. macroscopic agglutination test

    4. Weil felix reaction

    Answer: d

  4. Lymes disease all are true except

    1. Borellia bourgdorferi replicates locally and invades locally

    2. Infection progresses inspite of good humoral immunity

    3. Polymorphonuclear lymphocytosis in CSF suggest meningial involvement

    4. IgA intrathecally confirms meningitis

    Answer: c

  5. HIV pt with malabsotion, fever, chronic diarrhea, with acid fast positive organism. What is the causative agent?

    1. giardia

    2. microsporidia

    3. Isopora

    4. histolytica

    Answer: c

  6. Most sensitive test for Treponema

    1. VDRL

    2. RPR

    3. FTA-ABS

    4. Kahn

    Answer: c

  7. Maltess cross seen on polarizing microscopy in

    1. Cryptococcus neoformans

    2. Penicillium marneffi

    3. Blastomyces

    4. Candida albicans

    Answer: a

  8. Irradiation can be used to sterilize A/E

    1. Bone graft

    2. Suture

    3. Artificial tissue graft

    4. Bronchoscope

    Answer: d

  9. Malabsorption caused by A/E

    1. Giardia

    2. Ascaris lumbricoides

    3. Strongyloides

    4. Capillaria philipensis

    Answer: b

  10. Antigen antibody precipitation is maximally seen in which of the following?

    1. excess of antibody

    2. excess of antigen

    3. equivalence of antibody and antigen

    4. antigen hapten interaction

    Answer: c

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