AIIMS Solved Paper 2011 (Part 12 of 20)

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  1. A pregnant gets Chicken pox 3 days before delivery of the baby. What is the baby's prognosis?

    1. No risk to mother or child

    2. Intrapartum antiviral therapy required

    3. Fetopathic effects seen

    4. At risk of fetal varicella syndrome

    Answer: d

  2. Which among the following is not a feature of Horner's syndrome?

    1. Ptosis

    2. Miosis

    3. Heterochromia iridis

    4. Apparent exophthalmos

    Answer: d

  3. True regarding myocardial O2 demand?

    1. Inversely related to heart rate

    2. Has constant relation to external cardiac work

    3. Correlates with duration of systole

    4. Is negligible at rest

    Answer: c

  4. All of the following is involved in development of carcinoma colon except?

    1. APC

    2. Beta catenin

    3. K Ras

    4. Mismatch repair genes

    Answer: b

  5. Which among the following is false regarding familial adenomatous polyposis?

    1. Autosomal recessive inheritance

    2. Screening done by sigmoidoscopy

    3. Polyps develop in late adulthood

    4. Epideral cyst may occur with osteoma

    Answer: a

  6. All are true about diazoxide EXCEPT:

    1. Anti-hypertensive

    2. Causes severe hypoglycemia

    3. Used in treatment of insulinomas

    4. Acts by ATP mediated K + channel opening in beta cell membrane

    Answer: b

  7. Vertical crest at the junction of the internal auditary canal?

    1. Bill's bar

    2. Ponticulus

    3. Cog

    4. Falciform crest

    Answer: a

  8. True regarding ovulatory phase of menstrual cycle is?

    1. FSH increases aromatase activity

    2. Peak inhibin activity

    3. Increased steroidogenesis

    4. Activin level is high

    Answer: n/a

  9. All are true regarding cystic fibrosis except?

    1. It is caused by CFTR gene mutation

    2. Defect lies in Calcium channel

    3. Autosomal Recessive

    4. Mutation in delta f508 mutation

    Answer: b

  10. All are true regarding streptococci except?

    1. Group A and C are hemolytic

    2. Pyrogenic toxin is plasmid mediated

    3. Streptolysin O is active in reduced state

    4. Streptdornase digests nucleic acids

    Answer: b

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