AIIMS Solved Paper 2011 (Part 13 of 20)

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  1. All are true regarding mesothelioma except?

    1. Bilaterally symmetrical

    2. Associated with asbestos exposure

    3. Histopathalogy shows bimodal trend

    4. Occurs in late middle age

    Answer: a

  2. A person having chest pain and sudden palpitations with heart rate of 150/min and regular rhythm. Diagnosis?

    1. Sinus tachycardia

    2. Idioventricular rhythm

    3. SVT

    4. AF with heart block

    Answer: c

  3. Cotrimoxazole used in all except

    1. UTI

    2. Chancroid

    3. Prostatitis

    4. Typhoid

    Answer: n/a

  4. According to Enneking system, not true regarding an active benign lesion is

    1. Intracapsular

    2. Margin of reactive bone

    3. Wide rim of reactive bone

    4. Extended curettage is treatment

    Answer: c

  5. Regarding Ifosfamide, all are true except?

    1. It is a nitrogen mustard

    2. Metabolised by liver

    3. More neurotoxic than cyclophosphamide.

    4. Chloracetaldehyde is its metabolite

    Answer: n/a

  6. Most common cause of death in a patient with thrombolytic therapy?

    1. Myocardial rupture

    2. Reperfusion arrhythmia

    3. Intracranial haemorrhage

    4. Cardiogenic shock

    Answer: b

  7. A male child presents with Fanconi anemia & hypercalciuria. All are true regarding Dent's disease except?

    1. Proteinura

    2. Hypercalciuria

    3. Father will have the same disease

    4. Rickets is present

    Answer: n/a

  8. Central dot sign seen in

    1. Caroli disease

    2. Primary sclerosing cholangitis

    3. Liver hematoma

    4. Budd chiari syndrome

    Answer: a

  9. Most comon cause of acute mesenteric ischemia is

    1. Arterial thrombosis

    2. Venous thrombosis

    3. Embolism

    4. Non occlusive ischemia

    Answer: c

  10. A term male baby, with birth weight 3.5 kg, developed respiratory distress at birth, not responded to administration of surfactant. Echocardiogram was normal. X ray chest shows ground glass appearance. There is history of death of a female sibling at 1 month of age. What is the diagnosis?

    1. TAPVC

    2. Meconium aspiration

    3. Neonatal alveolar proteinosis

    4. 2 Methylacyl CoA Racemase Deficiency

    Answer: c

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