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AIIMS Solved Paper 2011 (Part 16 of 20)

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  1. Berry aneurysm defect lies in:
    1. Degeneration of internal elastic lamina
    2. Degeneration of media/muscle cell layer
    3. Deposition of mucoid material in media
    4. Low grade inflammation of vessel wall

    Answer: n/a

  2. All the following statements about purification of water are true except
    1. Presence of clostridial spores indicate recent contamination
    2. Coliforms must not be detectable in any 100ml sample of drinking water
    3. Sodium thiosulphate is used to neutralize chlorine
    4. Coliforms may be dtected by multiple tube method and indole production at 44 degrees

    Answer: a

  3. True about sickle cell disease are all except
    1. Single nucleotide change results in change of glutamine to valine
    2. Sticky patch is generated as a result of replacement of a nonpolar residue with a polar residue
    3. HbS confers resistance against malaria in heterozygotes
    4. RFLP results from a single base change

    Answer: b

  4. After digestion by restriction endonucleases DNA strands can be joined again by?
    1. DNA polymerase
    2. DNA ligase
    3. DNA topoisomerase
    4. DNA gyrase

    Answer: b

  5. Fish is the source of all except?
    1. Iron
    2. Iodine
    3. Vitamin A
    4. Phosphorus

    Answer: a

  6. Most probable route for transmission of meningitis from CNS to inner ear?
    1. Cochlear aqueduct
    2. Vestibular aqueduct
    3. Endolymphatic sac
    4. Hyrtle fissure

    Answer: a

  7. All of the following drugs will worsen megaloblastic anemia except
    1. Alcohol
    2. Phenytoin
    3. Methotrexate
    4. Chloroquine

    Answer: d

  8. Most common site of cholangiocarcinoma
    1. Distal biliary duct
    2. Hilum
    3. Intrahepatic duct
    4. Multifocal

    Answer: b

  9. In case of an obstructed labor with mother dehydrated, febrile, and an IUD fetus in cephalic presentation. What is the management?
    1. Craniotomy
    2. Decapitation
    3. Cesarean section
    4. Forceps delivery

    Answer: c

  10. Dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa is caused by a mutation of?
    1. Alpha 6 integrin
    2. Collagen 7
    3. Laminin 4
    4. Keratin 14

    Answer: b

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