AIIMS Solved Paper 2011 (Part 4 of 20)

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  1. Root of mesentery crossed by

    1. Horizontal part of duodenum

    2. Left gonadal vessels

    3. Left ureter

    4. Superior mesenteric artery

    Answer: a

  2. Histopathological features of fat necrosis in a new born closely resembles?

    1. Steroid induced lipid necorsis

    2. Lupoid necrosis

    3. Erythema induratum

    4. Lipodermatosclerosis

    Answer: n/a

  3. Gene duplication has the greatest role in the evolution of

    1. mRNA

    2. t RNA

    3. hnRNA

    4. ribosomal RNA

    Answer: b

  4. Laudanosine is a metabolite of

    1. Cis-atracurum

    2. Atracurium

    3. Pancuronium

    4. Succinylcholine

    Answer: a

  5. Which does not form border of triangle of auscultation

    1. Trapezius

    2. Scapula

    3. Latissmus dorsi

    4. Serratus anterior

    Answer: d

  6. 30yr woman presents with primary infertility and mass. CA 125 level 90u/L. What is the most probable diagnosis?

    1. Ovarian ca

    2. Borderline ovarian tumor

    3. TB

    4. Endometrioma

    Answer: a

  7. All are true about incontinentia pigmenti except?

    1. X linked dominant disorder

    2. 100% ophthalmic involvement

    3. Skin pigmentation present

    4. None

    Answer: b

  8. Ovarian reserve is measured by

    1. LH

    2. FSH

    3. FSH/LH

    4. Estrogen

    Answer: b

  9. Movement of protein from nucleus to cytoplasm can be seen by

    1. FISH

    2. FRAP

    3. Confocal microscopy

    4. Electron microscopy

    Answer: b

  10. Muscle rigidity due to action of opioid on which of the following receptors?

    1. mu

    2. kappa

    3. delta

    4. lambda

    Answer: a

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