AIIMS Solved Paper 2011 (Part 8 of 20)

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  1. Gleason score grading false is

    1. Gleason score range between 1 − 10

    2. Higher grade has got worse prognosis

    3. Helps in staging the tumor

    4. Grade determines further management

    Answer: a

  2. True statement regarding the kidney is?

    1. Clearance will be more than GFR means the substance is secreted into the tubule

    2. Descending limb is permeable to solutes

    3. Fluid coming from the descending limb is hypotonic

    4. Clearance of a substance is always more than GFR if there is tubular secretion

    Answer: a

  3. Lambda phage

    1. Causes mad cow disease

    2. Lytic and lysogenic phase cannot be inter converted

    3. In lytic phase the DNA gets integrated to bacterial DNA and it causes lysis of the cell

    4. In lysogenic phase, it gets integrated to the bacterial DNA and remains dormant until activated

    Answer: d

  4. Best way to teach a mentally retarded child

    1. CBT

    2. Cognitive reconstruction

    3. Self learning

    4. Contingency

    Answer: n/a

  5. Function of CD4 T cells is all except?

    1. Antibody production

    2. Cytotoxicity of T cells

    3. Memory B cells

    4. Opsonisation

    Answer: d

  6. Thrombosis least seen in

    1. PNH

    2. DIC

    3. Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia

    4. ITP

    Answer: n/a

  7. Anti phospholipid syndrome not seen?

    1. Recurrent abortions

    2. Thrombosis

    3. Pancytopenia

    4. Anticardiolipin/lupus anticoagulant

    Answer: c

  8. Not seen in Gestational Diabetes?

    1. Previous macrosomic baby

    2. Congenital malformation

    3. Polyhydramnios

    4. Obesity

    Answer: b

  9. 5 yr old male child presents with pubic hair development, phallic enlargement BP-130/90. Which will be helpful-

    1. 17 hydroxyprogesterone

    2. Aldosterone

    3. Renin

    4. 11 deoxy cortisol

    Answer: d

  10. False about hepatic duct is?

    1. Left hepatic duct formed in umbilical fissure

    2. Caudate lobe drains only into left hepatic duct

    3. Right hepatic duct formed by V and VII segments

    4. Left hepatic duct crosses segment IV

    Answer: b

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