Biology Assertion Reason Questions Part 5

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  • Cyanide is a poison it forms complex with Cyt a3 preventing the transfer of electron from carrier to oxygen.
  • Glycolysis is turned off when ATP is present in adequate amounts. It is allosteric inhibiton of enzyme phosphor fructokinase.
  • Rate of glucose consumption decrease when yeast that has been maintained under anaerobic condition is exposed to oxygen. In presence of oxygen, glucose utilization is more effective.
  • Senescence is delayed by cytokine in plants as it prevents breakdown of chlorophyll & protein & nucleic acid.
  • Estuaries have low productivity as water is turbid.
  • Exocrine producing desert are spaced distantly. Allelopathy causes growth inhibition.
  • Cell coat is made up of oligosaccharides, which act as recognition center during organ transplantation.
  • Female Anopheles sucks human blood to use blood proteins for its eggs formation. Male mosquitoes feed on nectar.
  • Ripened fruit become soft due to the pectates of middle lamella solubilize on ripening.
  • Fruit rotting is due to activity of the enzyme polymethylgalacturonate.
  • Maize is known as the pampered com because it needs human help for all its activities.
  • Hydra cannot digest starch due to absence of amylase enzyme.
  • Human placenta is exceptional in allowing mutual exchange of leucocefter & platelets between mother & foetus in both vitalize & allantoic placentation trophoblastic villi push out from the surface of chorion & invade uterine lining increase the surface area for exchange of solute molecules.
  • Disorders such as scrapies, madcow are caused by prion. The built up occurs in brain causing neurodegenerative disorders.
  • Poorly developed root synthesis is found is hydrophytes as it help to avoid extra water absorption.
  • Epithelial cells in each in each alveolus are specialized to secrete surfactant-it is a lipoprotein & coats inner surface of alveoli & reduce surface tension in each alveolus.
  • Fruits & seeds should be of lightweight to be dispersed by wind so that buoyancy of fruits & seeds help them to fly up long distances.
  • Tropical dense forests are due to high temperature & excess rains.
  • Arthropods Annelids & Mollusca are all protostonial coelomate as the adults have bilateral synthesis, tube within tube body plan & organs derived from 3 germs layers.
  • Rate of diffusion is increased if temperature increase as it causes increase in kinetic motion of diffusing particles.
  • Cycads were prevalent during Jurassic perianal owing to the prevalence of cycads the Jurassic period is known as age of cycads.
  • Effusion of serious fluid into air vesicles of lungs is called as pulmonary edema. It occurs when the cardiac output is reduced in pulmonary circulation, fluid moves from the legs cap into air vesicles of lungs.
  • Seed dormancy in legume & trigonella is due to impermeability to water.
  • Seed dormancy in Xanthium is due to impermeable to oxygen.
  • Lamarck theory of inheritance of acquired characteristics of is not proved because change in somatic chromosomes does not change germ plats.
  • Legumes do not do well in acidic coil as the bacterial population is reduced.
  • Unripe fruits are hard due to middle lamella.
  • Polyploidy with odd number of genome are sexually sterile as they cannot form synapsis
  • Barr body is produced due to partial inactivation of one X chromosome & development of facultation heterochromatin in it.
  • Pseudogenes have homology to functional genes but are unable to produce functional production due to intervening sense codons.
  • Processed genes are non-functional as they lack promoters.
  • Phage DNA & mRNA are protected from the nucleases due to methylation of cytosine bases.
  • In stomach digestion of carbohydrate stops as enzyme Ptyalin is rendered inactive due to high acidity of gastric juices of stomach.
  • Aspirin should not be taken empty stomach as it may cause stomach bleeding.

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