Ecosystem YouTube Lecture Handout

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Ecosystem YouTube Lecture Handout


  • Definition

  • Components of ecosystem

  • Classification of ecosystem

  • Ecosystem functions

  • Importance


  • Functional unit of nature with the surrounding physical environment.

  • Varies greatly in size

  • Encompasses specific and limited species

  • Species dependent on the other species and elements that are also part of ecological community

  • Living organisms + Non Living objects


Components of Ecosystem: BIotic and Abiotic

Components of Ecosystem

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Classification of Ecosystem: Natural and Aritificial

Classification of Ecosystem

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Ecosystem Functions

  • Energy enters as light energy, or photons, is transformed into chemical energy in organic molecules by photosynthesis.

  • Energy is dissipated

  • Plants obtain elements from the surrounding atmosphere, water, or soils.

  • Animals obtain elements from other organisms.

  • Due to excretion or decomposition, elements returned to an inorganic state.

  • Materials are not destroyed or lost- closed system with respect to elements

Four main functions of ecosystem

Functions of Ecosystem

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Importance of Study of Ecosystem

  • Indicates available solar energy

  • Gives information about minerals

  • Inter-relationship of organism

  • To know about conservation of resources, GPP and NPP

  • Biological Survey, Crop rotation