AIIMS: Revision Terminology Part 45

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  • Seive tubes -> fruct 6p isomerase.

  • Metabolic rate of ascomycetes in lichens is slow as compared to other fungi because it brings them in eq. with algal metabolism.

Body mass versus metabolic rate

Metabolic Rate vs Body Mass

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  • Muscle cell – excessive exorcised & then rested.

  • Resolving power 1/ VIBGYOR violet use.

  • Resolving power limit .

  • Non decomposed organic content of soil = litter.

  • In chloroplast devoid of ps II – photolysis of water will be ab.

  • Ribosome – nucleoprotein.

  • Paramecium – centrifuged then contents randomly distribute on all sides & not settle – negative geotaxis.

  • 1st antibody to occur in blood stream = Ig M.

  • Absorption of small intestine of human is damaged if liver stop bile – absorption of fat soluble vitamin affected without bile.

  • 3D structure best studied by stereoscopic microscope/ X ray crystallography.

  • Smoking degemratia of living of trachea – cilitrel most affected.

  • Predation is benefical to prey in stable ecosystem.

  • Acoelmate triploblastic, bilateral synthesis = Hatworm.

  • Phass of living cell in etheric medium in aerobic condition supplied with labelled CH then CO2 will contain C14.

  • Climbing perch survives out of water due to gill chamber & gills.

  • Gorilla is more closely related to man antigenically as compared to jackal.

  • Tech for identification of active genes in cell – northern bloting for RNA.

  • Interbreeding of closely related individuals share many same genes = Homozygosily.

  • When kidney & pancreas of org are exposed to labelled rediocuctivity is seen in pomcreatic cells.

  • If family if both husband & wife (both normal) are heterozygous for a condition of infantile blindness. They wish to have at least three children. The passivity they all these children normal is – 42%.

  • In dividing cell with H2O2 spindle ppt due to disulphide bridge show spindle fibre & microtubule are proteincousnature.

Curve of activity versus pH

Curve Activity Versus pH

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  • A Plant growing wilds in one country brought to other with sane latitude & ht. yet remains sterile Due to absence of specificarrian.

  • Honey bee locate nectar source with help of sun when inoide bee hive they communicate by aliyning along gravitatinal axis.

  • 3 strains of virus having different protein coat, allowed to infect plant cell disease produced in plant is identical.

  • Molecular bio exp with mRNA base Insert 3 nucleotide C between 3rd & 4th base the result RNA chain will trans cribs for proteiness entially the same as before.

  • Cell member 6.0% protein & 40% phospholipid when centrifuged in null solution of p = 1.03 gm/ow it will sediment.

  • Amino acid – serine – UCG, UCC, UCA, UCU – coding = degenerate.

  • Hb & myoglobin – eng functional.

  • Insulin & trypsin – eng. Functional.

  • Product of cell = leaf cuticle.

  • Movement of venus fly trap by rapid elongation & retraction of cells.

  • Fossil hunters – sedimentary rocks that has once been lake.

  • Trypanorame (Blood cell)

  • M. lepral (skin).

  • Entamoeber (interline).

  • E. Coli (urinary & intestine)

  • Lecrwenhock - microbes – 1 & 2 in a pin head of radius 0.1 cetimeter = 1.5 X 106.