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Logical Reasoning

Direction: Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.

8 friends Akash, Bunty, Chandan, Deepak, Esha, Fiza, Gazal and Hema are sitting around a circle facing the centre. Deepak is between Akash and Esha only, Fiza is second to the left of Esha. Bunty is between Chandan and Gazal only. Fiza is between Ghazal and Hema only.

Question 106

Who is fourth to the right of Bunty?

A. Esha

B. Hema

C. Ghazal

D. Deepak

Question 107

In which of the following pairs, the second person is to the immediate left of the first person?

A. Deepak, Akash

B. Bunty, Ghazal

C. Bunty, Chandan

D. Hema, Esha

Question 108

Which of the following is definitely true?

A. Chandan is to the immediate right of Bunty.

B. Esha is to the immediate left of Chandan.

C. Deepak is second to the left of Hema.

D. Akash is second to the right of Esha.

Question 109

Who is sitting in the immediate left of Esha?

A. Fiza

B. Hema

C. Ghazal

D. Deepak

Question 110

Who is third to the right of Ghazal?

A. Fiza

B. Akash

C. Hema

D. Esha

Question 111

Harsh moves 15 km in East direction, then turns towards North and moves 4 km. From there he turns West and travels 12 km. How far and in which direction is he from his starting point?

A. 5 km, North-East

B. 5 km, South-West

C. 27 km, North-East

D. 19 km, North-East

Question 112

Pratham travels 10 metres in North Direction, he turns right and travels 20 metres. Again, he turns right and travels 25 metres. Then, he turns towards left and travels 15 metres. In which direction and how far is Pratham from his original position?

A. 35 metres, East

B. 38.07 metres, South-East

C. 25.08 metres, West

D. 25 metres, North-East

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