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Question 137

Direction: Read the following short passages and choose the best answer to the questions that follow each passage.

Arbitrator: The shipping manager admits that he decided to close the old facility on October 14 and to schedule the new facility՚s opening for October 17, the following Monday. But he also claims that he is not responsible for the business that was lost due to the new facility՚s failure to open as scheduled. He blames the contractor for not finishing on time, but he too, is to blame, for he was aware of the contractor՚s typical delays and should have planned for this contingency.

Which one of the following principles underlie the arbitrator՚s argument?

A. A manager should see to it that contractors do their job promptly.

B. A manager should be held responsible for mistakes by those whom the manager directly supervises.

C. A manager should take foreseeable problems into account when making decisions.

D. A manager and only a manager should be held responsible for a project՚s failure.

Question 138

Direction: Read the following short passages and choose the best answer to the questions that follow each passage.

Anita: Television programs and movies that depict violence among teenagers are extremely popular. Given how influential these media are, we have good reason to believe that these depictions cause young people to engage in violent behaviour. Hence, depictions of violence among teenagers should be prohibited from movies and television programs. Amrita: But you are recommending nothing short of censorship! Besides which, your claim that television and movie depictions of violence causes violence is mistaken: violence among young people predates movies and television by centuries.

Amrita՚s attempted refutation of Anita՚s argument is vulnerable to criticism on which one of the following grounds?

A. It confuses a subjective judgment of private moral permissibility with an objective description of social fact.

B. It presupposes that an unpopular policy cannot possibly achieve its intended purpose.

C. It cites purported historical facts that cannot possibly be verified.

D. It rules out something as a cause of a current phenomenon solely on the ground that the phenomenon used to occur without that thing.

Question 139

Direction: Read the following short passages and choose the best answer to the questions that follow each passage.

Most people feel that they are being confused by the information from the broadcast news. This could be the effect of the information՚s being delivered too quickly or of its being poorly organized. Analysis of the information content of a typical broadcast news story shows that news stories are far lower in information density than the maximum information density with which most people can cope at any one point of time. So, the information in typical broadcast news stories is poorly organised.

Which one of the following is an assumption that the argument requires in order for its conclusion to be properly drawn?

A. It is not the number of broadcast news stories to which a person is exposed that is the source of the feeling of confusion.

B. Poor organisation of information in a news story makes it impossible to understand the information.

C. Being exposed to more broadcast news stories within a given day would help a person to better understand the news.

D. Most people can cope with a very high information density.

Question 140

Direction: Read the following short passages and choose the best answer to the questions that follow each passage.

Café՚s Coffee Emporium stocks only two decaffeinated coffees: English Roast and German Mocha. Ratan only serves decaffeinated coffee, and the coffee he served after dinner last night was far too smooth and mellow to have been English Roast. So, if Ratan still gets all his coffee from Café՚s, what he served last night was German Mocha.

The argument above is most similar in its logical structure to which one of the following?

A. Sunny wants to take three friends to the beach. His mother owns both a sedan and a convertible. The convertible can accommodate four people. Although the sedan has a more powerful engine, if Sunny borrows a vehicle from his mother, he will borrow the convertible.

B. Ruchi can either take a two-week vacation in July or wait until October and take a three-week vacation. The trail she had planned to hike requires three weeks to complete but is closed by October, so if Ruchi takes a vacation, it will not be the one she had planned.

C. If Tamanna does not fire her assistant, her staff will rebel and her department՚s efficiency will decline. Losing her assistant would also reduce its efficiency, so, if no alternative solution can be found, Tamanna՚s department will become less efficient.

D. Wikro, Inc. has offered Arshit a choice between a job in sales and a job in research. Arshit would like to work at Wikro but he would never take a job in sales when another job is available, so if he accepts one of these jobs, it will be the one in research.

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