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Elementary Mathematics

Question 141

Two cards are drawn together from a pack of 52 cards. The probability that one is a club and one is a diamond, is





Question 142

Sanju has two watches with a 12 – hour cycle. One of these watches, gains one minute a day and the other loses 1 and minutes per day. If Sanju sets both the watches at the correct time, how long will it be before they again show the correct time together?

A. 480 days

B. 290 days

C. 1440 days

D. 730 days

Question 143

To display 500 wax statuettes in a museum, it is required to construct a big rectangular hall, allowing space per statuette. The height of the hall is to be kept at 7.5 m, while the total inner surface area of the walls must be 1,200 sq. m. Then the length and breadth of the hall, respectively, are

A. 62 m and 22 m

B. 50 m and 30 m

C. 46 m and 35 m

D. 40 m and 32 m

Question 144

The ratio between the length and the breadth of a rectangular jogging park is 3: 2. If Ashish cycling along the boundary of the park at the speed of 12 km/hr completes one round in 8 minutes, then the area of the park (in sq. m) is

A. 3,07, 200 sq. m

B. 30,720 sq. m

C. 1,53, 600 sq. m

D. 15,360 sq. m

Question 145

A certain sum of money amounts to ₹ 1,008 in 2 years and to ₹ 1,164 in years. Find the sum and the rate on interest.

A. ₹ 900 and 12 %

B. ₹ 800 and 12 %

C. ₹ 700 and 13 %

D. ₹ 800 and 13 %

Question 146

Azhar can row 9.333 kmph in still waters and finds that it takes him thrice as much time to row up than as to row down the same distance in the river. The speed of the current of the river is

A. 3.333 km/hr

B. 3.111 km/hr

C. 4.666 km/hr

D. 4.5 km/hr

Question 147

A wheel that has 6 cogs is meshed with a larger wheel of 14 cogs. When the smaller wheel has made 21 revolutions, then the number of revolutions made by the larger wheel is

A. 7

B. 9

C. 14

D. 42

Question 148

In a university, for each ₹ 200 spent by the cultural committee. Debating committee spends ₹ 20 and for every ₹ 400 spent by the debating committee, the Student Welfare Committee spends ₹ 150. The triple ratio of the money spent by the Cultural Committee to the money spent by the Debating Committee to the money spent by the Student Welfare Committee can be expressed as

A. 80: 8: 3

B. 60: 8: 3

C. 40: 4: 3

D. 20: 4: 3

Question 149

A wooden almirah is sold at a certain price. By selling it at of that price one loses 10 % . Find the profit per centre at the original price.

A. 15 %

B. 25 %

C. 35 %

D. 45 %

Question 150

The ratio between the present ages of Anu and Balbir is 5: 3, respectively. The ratio between Anu՚s age 4 years ago and Balbir՚s 4 years hence is 1: 1. What is the ratio between Anu՚s age 4 years hence and Balbir՚s age 4 years ago

A. 4: 1

B. 2: 4

C. 3: 2

D. 3: 1

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