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Question 95

Who is the executive Chairperson of NALSA?

A. Justice AK Sikri

B. Justice Madari B Lokur

C. Justice NF Nariman

D. Justice DY Chandrachud

Question 96

Who is the First Chief Justice of Telangana High Court?

A. B. N. Srikrishna

B. N. Radhakrishna

C. K. R. Lakshmanan

D. Hrishikesh Roy

Question 97

A human wall was made up by women in Kerala as part of the State sponsored Initiative to uphold gender equality from ________ to ________

A. Thrissur, Kollam

B. Kasaragod, Thiruvananthapuran,

C. Kollam, Maradu

D. Varkala, Thiruvananthapurarn

Question 98

Trade Union Act (Amendment) Bill 2019 will provide for which of the following benefits?

I. Recognition of Trade Unions at Central and State level;

II. Ensure true representation of workers in the tripartite bodies;

III. Check on the arbitrary nomination of workers՚ representatives by the Government; and

IV. Reduce litigations and industrial unrest.




D. I, II

Question 99

Under the Forest Rights Act, 2006, Other Traditional Forest Dwellers has to give proof that they have been living in the forest areas for________ years.

A. 50 years

B. 99 years

C. 75 years

D. 100 years

Question 100

Article 35 A, Constitution of India is regarding

A. Special status of Delhi

B. Special Status of 99 years

C. Empowers the Jammu and Kashmir State՚s legislature to define “permanent resident of the State”

D. Empowers State of Jammu and Kashmir to have its own separate laws

Question 101

Which of the following statements, are true regarding the jurisdiction of the High Court?

I. High Court can punish for its contempt.

II. High Court tender advice on the legal question referred to it by the Governor of the State.

III. High Court confirms the death sentences passed by lower judiciary.

IV. High Court can Issue writs for enforcement of Fundamental rights.

A. I, IV


C. I, II, IV


Question 102

If the tax rate increases with the higher level of income, it is called

A. Progressive Tax

B. Proportional Tax

C. Lumpsum Tax

D. Regressive Tax

Question 103

In February, 2019 a Public Interest Litigation has been lodged with the High Court of ________, wherein a 11 -year-old boy has sought ban on the PUBG game in all the schools in the State.

A. Delhi

B. Karnataka

C. Allahabad

D. Bombay

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