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Question 130

Sana has organized birthday party for Roma. Roma took her car to reach the venue of the party. She drove 30 km towards North and then 40 km towards West. She then turned to South and covered 8 km. Further she turned to East and moved 26 km. Finally, she turned right and drove 10 km and then turned left to travel 19 km. How far and in which direction is she from the starting point?

A. South-East of the starting point, 5 km

B. North-East of the starting point, 13 km

C. North-East of the starting point, 6 km

D. South-East of the starting point, 13 km

Question 131

The houses of Asma and Seema face each other on a road going North-South. Asma՚s house is on the western side, she comes Out of her house and turns left, travels for 5 km. She then turns right travels 5 km and reaches the front of Geeta՚s house. Sesma does exactly the same and reaches in front of Shobha՚s house. In this context, which of the following statement is correct?

A. The houses of Shobha and Geeta are less than 20 km apart

B. The houses of Shobha and Geeta are 20 km apart

C. Shobha and Geeta lives in the same street

D. Geeta՚s house faces South

Question 132

A watch, which gains uniformly, is 3 minutes slow at 12 noon on Monday and is 5 minutes 36 seconds fast at 4 pm on the next Monday. At what time it was showing correct time?

A. 12 am on Tuesday

B. 12 pm on Wednesday

C. 12 am on Thursday

D. 12 pm on Thursday

Question 133

A clock is set at 10 am. The clock gains 10 minutes in 24 hours. What will be the right time when the clock indicates 3 pm on the following day?

A. 12.40 pm

B. 1.40 pm

C. 2.40 pm

D. 2.48 pm

Question 134

Pihu and Aayan are the children of Mrs. & Mr. Sharma. Riya and Shankar are the children of Mrs. & Mr. Kumar, Aayan and Riya are married to each other and have two daughter Mona and Shona. Shankar is married to Leena and they have two children Rohit and Ruchi. How is Pihu related to Shona?

A. Sister

B. Mother

C. Aunt

D. Mother-in-law

Question 135

In a family, there are seven persons, comprising two married couples. F1 is the son of F2 and the grandson of F3. F2 Is a widower, F2 and F4 are brothers and F5 is the daughter-in-law of F6, who is the mother of F4 and the grandmother of F7. How is F7 related to F2?

A. Brother

B. Nephew or Niece

C. Cousin

D. Son-in-law