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Direction: Read the following short passages and choose the best answers lo the questions that follow each passage.

According to the last opinion poll in Bhadristan, most voters believe that the three problems government needs to address, in order of importance, are crimes; unemployment and capitalistic economy. Yet in election, candidates from political parties perceived as strongly against capitalism were defeated, while those elected were all from parties with a history of opposing legislation designed to curb anti-competitive practices. These results should not be taken to indicate that the polls was inaccurate, however, since

Question 136

Which one of the following most logically completes the passage?

A. Every candidate who was defeated had a strong anti-capitalism record.

B. Many of the people who voted in the election refused to participate in the poll.

C. All the candidates who were elected were perceived as being stronger against both crime and unemployment than the candidates who were defeated.

D. There were no issues other than crime, unemployment and capitalism on which the candidates had significant difference of opinion.

Question 137

Natural Gas Production Units in Industan have recently been acquired in substantial, numbers by investors from abroad. Industanian politicians are proposing legislative action to stop such investment, justifying the proposal by arguing that foreign investors, opportunistically exploiting a recent fall in the value of the Industanian currency, were able to buy Industanean assets at less than their true value.

Which one of the following, if true, casts the most serious doubt on the accuracy of the Industanian politicians՚ justification for the proposed legislation?

A. In Bangania, a country broadly similar to Industan, the share of Natural Gas Production Units that is foreign-controlled is 60 percent higher than it is in Industan.

B. The true value of investment is determined by the value of the profits from it, and the low value of the Industanian currency has depressed the value of any profits earned by foreign investors from Industanian assets.

C. The Industanian government originally welcomed the fall in the value of Industanian currency because the fall made Industanian exports more competitive in international markets.

D. Foreign investors who acquired Industanian production units generally did so with no intention of keeping and running those units over the long term.

Question 138

Proposed new safety rules for Seashore City Port would lengthen considerably lengthen the minimum time between departures from the port. In consequence, the port would be able to accommodate 10 percent fewer vessels than currently use the port daily. The city՚s operating budget depends heavily on taxes generated by tourist spending, and most of the tourists come by ships. Therefore, the proposed new safety rules, if adopted, will reduce the revenue available for the operating budget.

The argument depends on assuming which of the following?

A. The response to adoption of the new safety rules would not include a large increase in the number of passengers per ship.

B. There are no periods of the day during which the interval between ships departing from the port is significantly greater than the currently allowed minimum.

C. If proposed safety rules are adopted, the reduction in tourist numbers will not result mainly from a reduction in the number of tourists who spend relatively little in Seashore city.

D. Increasing the minimum time between departures is the only way to achieve necessary safety improvements without a large expenditure by the city government on port enhancements.

Question 139

The average amount of overtime per month worked by an employee in the design division of the Diva Corporation is 18 hours. Most employees of Diva Corporation work in the design division. Furthermore, the average amount of overtime per month per employee in the company generally does not fluctuate much from month to month. Therefore, each month, most employees of the Diva Corp. almost certainly work at least some overtime.

The argument is most vulnerable to criticism on which of the following grounds?

A. It confuses a claim from which the argument՚s conclusion about the Diva Corp. would necessarily follow with a claim that would follow from the argument՚s conclusion only with a high degree of probability.

B. It overlooks the possibility that even if most employees of the corporation work some overtime each month, any one corporate employee may, in some months, work no overtime.

C. It takes for granted that the design division is a typical division of the corporation with regard to the average amount of overtime its employees work each month.

D. It overlooks the possibility that even If, on average, a certain amount of overtime is worked by the members of some group, many members of that group may work no overtime at all.

Question 140

Supporters of the recently introduced tax on sales of new luxury cars had argued that a tax of this type would be an equitable way to increase government revenues because the admittedly heavy tax burden would fall only on wealthy people and neither they nor anyone else would suffer any economic hardships. In fact, however, 30 percent of the workers employed by manufacturers of luxury cars have lost their jobs as a direct result of this tax.

The Information given, if true, most strongly supports which of the following statements?

A. Taxes can be equitable only if their burden is evenly distributed over the entire population.

B. Because many people never buy luxury items, imposing a tax on luxury items is the kind of legislative action that does not cost incumbent legislator՚s much popular support.

C. The new tax would produce a net gain in tax revenue for the government only if the yearly total revenue that it generates exceeds the total of the yearly tax-revenue decrease resulting from the workers՚ loss of jobs.

D. The market for luxury cars would have collapsed even if new tax on luxury cars had been lower.