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Elementary Mathematics

Question 141

If the third and the tenth term of an arithmetic progression are 14 and 56, respectively, then the arithmetic mean of the first 15 terms of the arithmetic progression is

A. 40

B. 44

C. 80

D. 34

Question 142

Ronnie has a bag containing 7 red and 9 green balls. From it, he draws out 6 balls simultaneously at random. The probability that 4 of them are red and the rest are green is





Question 143

City A is connected to City B by four highways and City B is connected to City C by three highways. Kesari wants to travel from City A to City C via City B. In how many ways, Kesari can do it?

A. 4

B. 7

C. 10

D. 12

Question 144

The number of integral values of x satisfying the inequation|x|< 4 is

A. 7

B. 8

C. 9

D. 10

Question 145

If the price of each book goes up by ₹ 5, then Asha can buy 20 books less for ₹ 1200. Find the original price and the number of books Asha could buy at the original price.

A. ₹ 25,50

B. ₹ 20,60

C. ₹ 15,80

D. ₹ 10,90

Question 146

If , then find the value of z in terms of x and y.





Question 147

Bhiku borrowed some money from Dhanraj to admit his daughter in a reputed Law School. He agreed to pay the interest-free loan of ₹ 60,000 in a monthly instalment which increased by a constant amount. After the 20th instalment, he found that he has paid of the loan. If the entire loan was cleared this way in 25 instalments, find out the value of the first instalment.

A. ₹ 1560

B. ₹ 1067

C. ₹ 1680

D. ₹ 1987

Question 148

A vessel contains an 80 % alcohol solution. 20 % of the solution was removed and replaced with water. If this process is repeated, find the percentage of alcohol which remains in the solution.

A. 64 %

B. 51.2 %

C. 50.6 %

D. 45 %

Question 149

Arsh takes up a job, wherein each working day he is given a target. For each day, he meets the target he is paid ₹ 105 and for each day he does not meet the target he is paid ₹ 18 less. If by the end of a month, he is paid total of ₹ 2988, then how many days does he meets the target?

A. 21

B. 12

C. 10

D. 14

Question 150

A fruit vendor purchases two varieties of oranges at the rates of 12 oranges for ₹ 18 and 18 oranges for ₹ 12. He mixes the two varieties in the ratio of 2: 3 and sells the mixed stock at a price of ₹ 144 for 10 dozens. What percentage of profit or loss does he make?





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