AILET Past Year Paper Analysis 2022

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Overall AILET Analysis: 2017

National Law University, Delhi conducted All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) 2017 on May 7 in 20 test centres across the country.

After the examination, some of the experts were of the opinion that the AILET 2017 was difficult compared to other law entrance examinations like LSAT India and CLAT.

AILET 2017 was difficult. It was recognised the toughest paper since 2013 till 2017.

After taking the examination, students expressed their dissatisfaction, as they were not able to attempt all the questions on time.

Most of the students felt that the paper was lengthy and tough. They were of the opinion that 90 minutes were not sufficient to answer 150 questions.

Students hoped that the cut-offs would be lower as compared to the previous year.

Students expressed their review for the exam that G. K. and logical reasoning sections was difficult while English and Legal aptitude was easy. They were facing the problem of managing time. They were not able to complete their mathematics section and their fore left more of questions.

One of the examinees gave a mixed reaction on the paper. He said that the paper was neither difficult nor easy, terming it as average. All the questions were tough except English. He was unable to complete all the sections on time.