AP Computer Science A Course Outline

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The focus of Computer Science A is on object-oriented programming methodology with a key emphasis on solving the problems and algorithm development. It is similar with the first-semester course of computer science. The study of data structures and abstraction is also included.

The following course will focus on the topics written below:

Object-Oriented Program Design

  • Designing a piece of software i.e.a computer program is to correctly solve the given problem is the ultimate goal. As well as, this goal should focus on specifying and designing a program that can be well understood and can be adapted to dynamic circumstances and has the potential to be again reuse in whole or in part. For the problem to be solved the process needs to be based on a overall and profound understanding.
  • Program Design
  • Class Design

Program Implementation

  • The goals of the program is parallel to those of program design. The various and common needs are satisfied with those classes that should be built, so that they can be again reuse easily in various other programs. Object-oriented design is a vital part of program implementation.
  • Implementation techniques
  • Programming constructs
  • Java library classes (included in the AP Java subset)

Program Analysis

  • The evaluation and analysis of programs aims to examine and testing programs to find and judge whether they correctly meet their specifications or not. The analysis of programs or algorithms is also included in order to know their time and space requirements when used to various data sets.
  • Testing
  • Debugging
  • Understand and modify existing code
  • Extend existing code using inheritance
  • Understand error handling
  • Reason about programs
  • Analysis of algorithms
  • Numerical representations and limits

Standard Data Structures

  • To represent information data structures are used within a program. In the application of data structures abstraction is a crucial theme.
  • Simple data types (int, boolean, double)
  • Classes
  • Lists
  • Arrays

Standard Algorithms

  • Standard algorithms are the examples of good solutions to various difficult problems. They are mostly connected with standard data structures. The following algorithms are the best examples for analysis and evaluation of program efficiency.
  • Operations on data structures that are previously listed.
  • Searching
  • Sorting

Computing in Context

  • The consciousness and knowledge of the ethical and social applications of computing systems is important for the study of computer science. The following topics should not be addressed in detail but should be considered in the course till the end.
  • System reliability
  • Privacy
  • Intellectual property and legal issues
  • Social and ethical ramifications of computer use