About AP Comparative Government Exam

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The exam is approximately of two hours and 25 minutes and contains two sections-multiple choice and free response. Each section comprises of 50% of the final exam grade.

The following skills, abilities and knowledge will be tested through the exam:

  • Knowledge of facts, concepts, and generalizations relating to the governments and politics of China, Great Britain, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, and Russia
  • Understanding the patterns of political processes and behavior and its consequences
  • Interpretation of basic data and its analysis that will be relevant to comparative government and politics
  • subject matter Written analysis and interpretation.
  • Compare and contrast political institutions and processes across the world and to get the generalization of concepts.

Section I: Multiple Choice-55 Questions; 45 Minutes

Questions will be focus on China, Great Britain, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, and Russia. MCQs covered the following topics:

  • Introduction to Comparative Politics (5%)
  • Sovereignty, Authority, and Power (20%)
  • Political Institutions (35%)
  • Citizens, Society, and the State (15%)
  • Political and Economic Change (15%)
  • Public Policy (10%)

This outline is only meant for the purpose of guidance, it should not be considered as a complete list or preferred order of topics.

Total scores of the multiple-choice section will be based on correct answers. Points are neither deducted for incorrect answers nor points are awarded for unanswered questions.

Section II: Free Response-8 Questions; 1 Hour and 40 Minutes

This section contains 3 types of questions:

  • Type I: Short Answer; 5 questions. Questions will be asked on the concepts from the topic outline and provides information from the core countries including China, Great Britain, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, and Russia.
  • Type II: Conceptual; 1 question. Analytical and conceptual skills will be required and it is a major concept from the course topic outline.
  • Type III: Country Specific; 2 questions. Questions will be asked to provide specific information and analysis of the core countries from the course, including China, Great Britain, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, and Russia.

No time limit will be there, it is advisable that you spend 25 minutes total on the five Type I questions, 25 minutes on the Type II question, and 50 minutes total on the two country specific questions.