AP: Mineral Resources of Africa

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Marine Resources

Hydro Electric Projects (HEP)

Africa has least output of hydroelectricity but its potential is the greatest in the world. Much of Africa are plateaus dropping abruptly to the coast or to rift valleys thereby forming natural heads.

River fluctuation A problem in the savanna region


Central and southern Africa are poor in petroleum resources because of existence of ancient crystalline rocks and absence of sedimentary strata

Libya Dahara, Beda, Zelten, South of Gulf of Sidra Algeria Hassi Massaoud

Nigeria Niger delta region (Refinery at Port Harcourt) Other Producers Egypt, Gabon

Iron Ore

  • South Africa, Liberia (Bomi Hills, Mt. Nimba) , Mauritania (Sourest) , Algeria, West Africa including Sierra Leone and Nigeria


Zambia and Zaire (Katanga Zambia Copper Belt) Mining Centres atNechanga, Kitwe and Lumumbashi.


  • Nigeria (centered at Bauchi and Jos on the Bauchi Plateau) , Zaire (Manono and Maniema) Bauxite Guinea Lead Morocco


  • Uranium South Africa, Niger, Gabon Nickel South Africa Manganese South Africa (Postmasburg Krugersdorp) , Gabon, Ghana
  • Chromium South Africa (Rustenberg) , Zimbabwe (Selukwe, Kildonan) Tungsten South Africa Cobalt Katanga District (Zaire) , Kilemba (Zambia) , Morocco
  • Vanadium S. Africa (World՚s largest producer) and Namibia _Gold TJS. Afnca (Witai; ersrand, Odendaalrus, Lydenburg) , Zimbabwe, Ghana, Zaire (KiloMoto Mines, Kasai Valley) , Sudan (Red Sea Hills) Platinum S. Africa (Rustenburg)
  • Diamonds Zaire, S. Africa, Ghana, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Angola, Botswana, Central African Republic Asbestos S. Africa, Zimbabwe
  • Phosphate Morocco, Tunisia, Togo, S. Africa


  • Smelting and refining of copper in Zambia and Zaire.
  • Processing of rubber, oil palm fruits etc in W. Africa.
  • Petrochemical industries Nigeria
  • S. Africa Industrially developed country.
  • Main region Witwatersrand (Iron and Steel, Engineering, Locomotives, Chemicals Textiles) .
  • Other Places: Salisbury (new name Harare) , Par E Salaam, Nairobi etc.
  • Such cities have cement, brewing, food processing and light industries mainly geared to import substitution.