AP: World Regions of Australia

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Fundamentals of Geography


  • Major Exporter
  • Method of cultivation similar to USA and Canada
  • Yields are low (Wheat farms are not all that prone to climatic hazards in the southern continents as they are in the north because of maritime locations)
  • Irrigation is necessary in Victoria and NS. Wales
  • Wheat cultivation is intensified in the Riverina district of the MurrayDarling Basin and in Swanland (W. Australia)


  • Chiefly from S. Australia, around Adelaide.
  • Minor area Murray Darling Basin of Victoria and New South Wales Centered at Mildura.


  • Leading producer
  • Two third of produced wools belong to Merino Class
  • Concentrated in New South Wales, especially in the rolling Downs on the western side of the GreDividingRange.
  • New Zealand has astonishing numterjifsheerj. Maritime climate and, better pasture are helpful. Out of total threefourth belongs to the Rodney Marsh (British) . New Zealand fleeces are the heaviest


  • Australia has little natural forest It has some reserves in the moister south east and in Tasmania,
  • Major tree type Eucalyptus (poor quality timber) Also possess valuable Jarrah and Karri. (Found in south west of the country in Swanaland in W. Australia)
  • Australia has few local softwood resources but many conifers have been planted in order to provide larger supplies.
  • New Zealand has some small softwood reserve. (Most in less fettled south island which has Kauri Pine.)