AP: Ocean Transport Major Trade Routes

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Human Geography

Ocean Transport Major Trade Routes

  1. The North Atlantic route -This is the busiest sea route and carries the foreign trade greater than that of rest of the world combined altogether. Some of the largest terminals are located in Rotterdam, Antwerp, London, New York, Boston and Philadelphia.
  2. The Cape of Good Hope route.
  3. The Mediterranean Suez Asiatic route This route was once considered as the lifeline of Britain The is route provides the fastest way of transporting oil to Europe.
  4. The Panama Canal West Indian Central American route The Panama canal joins the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean and called as The Gateway to the Pacific.
  5. The South Atlantic route
  6. The Trans Pacific route Honolulu (Hawaii Islands) is the convergence point and known as the ‘Crossroads of the Pacific’ .

Air Transport

North America

  • The greatest amount of air traffic is found in the USA.
  • Great distances and the high standard of living have ensured a large potential market for air services.
  • The USA is served by four large air corporations: the United Airlines, Tran world Airlines, Pan American Airlines and Eastern Airlines
  • The largest airline company in Canada is the Trans Canada Airlines.


  • London՚s Heathrow airport is the busiest in the world.

Major Airlines

  • Britain - British Airways,
  • Virgin- Atlantic
  • The Netherlands - KLM,
  • Germany - Lufthansa,
  • Italy- AlItalia,
  • France - Air France
  • Norway, Sweden and Denmark (Scandinavian countries) -SAS
  • Rest of the world: Japan Japan Airlines, India Air India, Australia Qantas, Russia Aeroflot, Singapore Cathay Pacific, Pakistan PIA, Bahrain Gulf Air.

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