AP: Regional Human Geography: C Geography Notes on Ethinc Groups, Languages and Religious Affiliations of Countries Starting with C

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Table Shows Regional Human Geography: C
CAMBODIAEthnic groups Khmer 90 percent Vietnamese 5 percent Chinese 1 percent Other 4 percent.Languages Khmer (official) , French.Religious affiliations Theravada Buddhist 85 percent Indigenous beliefs 4 percent Muslim 2 percent Nonreligious 2 percent Other 7 percent.
CAMEROONEthnic groups There are some 200 groups, the largest of which are the Fang, Bamileke, Fulani, and Pahouin (Beti) . Most groups make up less than 1 percent of the population.Languages 24 major African language groups, English (official) , French (official) .Religious affiliations Christian 53 percent Indigenous beliefs 25 percent Muslim 22 percent.
CANADAEthnic groups British Isles origin 35.0 percent French origin 25.0 percent Other European origin 20.0 percent Indigenous peoples (designated in the census as ‘Aboriginal’ ) 3.0 percent Other 17.0 percent.Languages English (official) , French (official) , Chinese, Italian, Punjabi, Spanish, indigenous languages.Religious affiliations Roman Catholic 45.2 percent United Church 11.5 percent Anglican 8.1 percent Other Protestant 7.9 percent Other or nonreligious 27.2 percent.
CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLICEthnic groups Baya 34 percent Banda 27 percent Mandjia 21 percent Sara 10 percent Mboum 4 percent M ′ Baka 4 percentLanguages French (official) , Sango.Religious affiliations Indigenous beliefs 60 percent Protestant 18 percent Roman Catholic 17 percent Muslim 5 percent.
CHADEthnic groups In northern and central Chad, Muslim peoples are dominant, including the Toubou, Hadjerai, Fulbe, Kotoko, Kanembou, Baguirmi, Boulala, Zaghawa, and Maba. NonMuslim peoples make up the majority of the population in southern Chad. These groups include the Sara, Ngambaye, Mbaye, Goulaye, Moundang, Moussei, and Massa.Languages French (official) , Arabic (official) ; more than 100 different languages and dialects are spoken.Religious affiliations Muslim 50 percent Christian 33 percent Indigenous beliefs and animist 17 percent.
CHILEEthnic groups Mestizo 93 percent Native American 3 percent European 2 percent Other 2 percent.Languages Spanish (official) .Religious affiliations Roman Catholic 78 percent Protestant 3 percent Atheists 2 percent Nonreligious 7 percent Other 10 percent.
CHINAEthnic groups Han Chinese 92 percent Zhuang, Mongolian, Tibetan, Uygur, Miao, Yi, Korean, Yao, Bai, Tujia, Hani, and other nationalities 8 percent.Languages Standard Chinese, or Mandarin (Putonghua, based on the Beijing dialect) ; Yue (Cantonese) , Wu (Shanghainese) , Minbei (Fuzhou) , Minnan (HokkienTaiwanese) , Xiang, Gan, and Hakka dialects; minority languages.Religious affiliations Officially atheist, but traditionally eclectic. Nonreligious 42 percent Buddhist 8 percent Atheist 8 percent Christian 7 percent Muslim 1 percent Other 34 percent.
COLOMBIAEthnic groups Mestizo 58 percent White 20 percent Mulatto (people of mixecfblack and white ancestry) 14 percent Black 4 percent Mixed blackNative American 3 percent Native American 1 percent.Languages Spanish (official) .Religious affiliations Roman Catholic 96 percent Protestant 2 Percent Nonreligious 1 percent Other 1 percent.
COSTARICAEthnic groups White (including mestizo) 96 percent Black 2 percent Native American 1 percent Chinese 1 percent.Languages Spanish (official) , English.Religious affiliations Roman Catholic 90 percent Other 10 percent.
COTE DTVORIEEthnic groups There are some 60 groups, the largest of which are the Akan (Baule, Agni) , Kru, Mande (Mandinke, Bambara) , Senufo, Dan, Guro, Gagou, and Lobi. There are 2 million Burkinabe, 100,000 to 300,000 Lebanese, and 30,000 French.Languages French (official) ; Akan, Dioula, 60 native dialects.Religious affiliations Muslim 39 percent Indigenous beliefs 35 percent Christian 26 percent.
CROATIAEthnic groups Croatian 78 percent Serb 12 percent Other 10 percent.Languages Croatian 96 percent Other 4 percent.Religious affiliations Roman Catholic 76.5 percent Orthodox Christian 11.1 percent Islam 1.2 percent Protestant 0.4 percent Other and unknown 10.8 percent.
CUBAEthnic groups Mixed race 51 percent White 37 percent Black 11 percent Other 1 percent.Languages Spanish (official) .Religious affiliations Roman Catholic 40 percent Traditional African beliefs and other (especially Santeria) 17 percent Atheist 7 percent Protestant 2 percent Nonreligious 30 percent Other 4 percent.
CYPRUSEthnic groups Greek 85 percent Turkish 12 percent Other 3 percent.Languages Greek, Turkish, English.Religious affiliations Greek Orthodox 85 percent Muslim 12 percent Maronite, Armenian Apostolic, and other 3 percent.
CZECH REPUBLICEthnic groups Czech 94.0 percent Slovak 3.0 percent Roma (Gypsy) 0.7 percent Polish 0.6 percent German 0.5 percent Hungarian 0.2 percent Other 1.0 percent.Languages Czech (official) , Slovak, German, Russian, English.Religious affiliations Roman Catholic 40 percent Protestant 3 percent Atheist 5 percent Nonreligious 32 percent Other 20 percent.