AP: Regional Human Geography: E Geography Notes on Ethinc Groups, Languages and Religious Affiliations of Countries Starting with E

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5 Stages of Development in Cultural Geography
Table Shows Regional Human Geography: E
ECUADOREthnic groups Mestizo 55 percent Native American 25 percent Spanish 10 percent Black 10 percent.Languages Spanish (official) , Native American languages (especially Quechua) .Religious affiliations Roman Catholic 94 percent Protestant 2 percent Nonreligious 1 percent Other 3 percent.
EGYPTEthnic groups Eastern Hamitic (Egyptians, Bedouin, and Berbers) 99 percent Greek, Nubian, Armenian, other European 1 percent.Languages Arabic (official) ; English and French widely understood by the educated.Religious affiliations Muslim (mostly Sunni) 94 percent (official estimate) Coptic Christian and other 6 percent (official estimate) .
EL SALVADOREthnic groups Mestizo 90 percent White 9 percent Native American 1 percent.Languages Spanish (official) , Nahuatl, Kekch, EnglishReligious affiliations Roman Catholic 85 percent Protestant 10 percent Other 5 percent.
ERETRIAEthnic groups Tigrinya 50 percent Tigre, Kunama 40 percent Afar 4 percent Saho 3 percent Bilen, Hedareb, Nara, Rashaida 3 percent.Languages Tigrinya, Tigre, Arabic, Afar, Bilen, Hedareb, Kunama, Nara, Rashaida, Saho, English.Religious affiliations Muslim, Coptic Christian, Roman Catholic, Protestant.
ESTONIAEthnic groups Estonian 64 percent Russian 29 percent Ukrainian 3 percent Belarusian 2 percent Finn 1 percent Other 1 percent.Languages Estonian (official) , Russian, Ukranian, Belarusian, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanain, German, English.Religious affiliations Protestant 17 percent Orthodox Christian 16 percent Other Christian 13 percent Atheist 11 percent Nonreligious 25 percent Other 18 percent.
ETHIOPIAEthnic groups Oromo 40 percent Amhara, Tigrean 32 percent Sidamo 9 percent Shankella 6 percent Somali 6 percent Afar 4 percent Gurage 2 percent Other 1 percent.Languages Amharic (official) , Tigrinya, Tigre, Orominga, Geez, Gurage, Somali, Arabic, English.Religious affiliations Ethiopian Orthodox 40 percent Muslim 45 percent Indigenous beliefs 12 percent Other 3 percent .

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