AP: Regional Human Geography: M Geography Notes on Ethinc Groups, Languages and Religious Affiliations of Countries Starting with M

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Transport Geography and Graph Theory
Table Shows Regional Human Geography: M
MACEDONIAEthnic groups Macedonian Slavs 67 percent Albanian 23 percent Turkish 4 percent Serbian 2 percent Roma (Gypsy) , other 4 percent.Languages Macedonian 70 percent Albanian 21 percent Turkish 3 percent SerboCroatian 3 percent Other 3 percent.Religious affiliations Orthodox Christian (mostly Macedonian Orthodox) 60 percent Muslim 29 percent Nonreligious 7 percent Other 4 percent.
MADAGASCARSakalava 6 percent Antaisaka 5 percent Other 28 percent.Ethnic groups Merina 27 percent Betsimisaraka 15 percent Betsileo 12 percent Tsimihety 7 percent Languages French (official) , Malagasy (official) , Hova and other dialectsReligious affiliations Indigenous beliefs 52 percent Christian 41 percent Muslim 7 percent.
MALAWIEthnic groups Chewa, Nyanja, Tumbuka, Yao, Lomwe, Sena, Tonga, Ngoni, Ngonde, Asian, EuropeanLanguages English (official) , Chichewa, other indigenous languagesReligious affiliations Protestant 55 percent Roman Catholic 20 percent Muslim 20 percent Hindu, indigenous beliefs 5 percent.
MALAYSIAEthnic groups Malays and other indigenous groups 59 percent Chinese 26 percent Indian 7 percent Other 8 percent.Languages Bahasa Malaysia (official) , Chinese (various dialects) , English, Tamil, Iban, other indigenous languagesReligious affiliations Muslim 48 percent Folk religions 24 percent Christian 8 percent Buddhist 7 percent Hindu 7 percent Other 6 percent.
MALDIVESEthnic groups Sinhalese, Dravidian, Arab, African.Languages Divehi (official; dialect of Sinhala) , EnglishReligious affiliations Muslim (Islam is the official religion; mostly Sunni Muslim) .
MALIEthnic groups Sinhalese, Dravidian, Arab, African.Languages Divehi (official; dialect of Sinhala) , EnglishReligious affiliations Muslim (Islam is the official religion; mostly Sunni Muslim) .
MALTAEthnic groups Maltese 96 percent British 2 percent Other (including Sicilian, French, Spanish, and Italian) 2 percentLanguages Maltese (official) , English (official) , ItalianReligious affiliations Roman Catholic 93 percent Other 7 percent.
MAURITANIAEthnic groups Moor 30 percent Mixed Moor, black 40 percent Other (including Fulani and Wolof) 30 percentLanguages Arabic (official) , Fulfulde, Soninke, Wolof, FrenchReligious affiliations Muslim (Islam is the official religion; almost all Sunni Muslim) 100 percent.
MEXICOEthnic groups Mestizo (Native AmericanSpanish) 60 percent Amerindian 30 percent European ancestry 9 percent Other 1 percent.Languages Spanish (official) , various indigenous languages, English.Religious affiliations Roman Catholic 89 percent Protestant 3 percent Nonreligious 3 percent Other 5 percent
MONGOLIAEthnic groups Mongol 90 percent Kazakh 4 percent Chinese 2 percent Russian 2 percent Other 2 percent.Languages Khalkha Mongolian 90 percent Turkic, Russian, English, other Mongolian dialects 10 percent.Religious affiliations Indigenous beliefs 3 i percent Tibetan Buddhist (Lamaist) 23 percent Atheist 9 percent Muslim 5 percent Nonreligious 30 percent Other 2 percent.
MOROCCOEthnic groups Arab, Berber, mixed ArabBerber 99 percent Other 1 percentLanguages Arabic (official) , Derija (Moroccan Arabic) , Berber dialects, French.Religious affiliations Muslim 98 percent Christian 1 percent Nonreligious and other 1 percent.
MOZAMBIUEEthnic groups Makua, Yao, Makonde, Tonga, Tsonga, Chopi, Shona, Nguni, others.Languages Portuguese (official) ; Swahili, indigenous dialects, including Makua, Ronga, Tsongan, and MuchopeReligious affiliations Indigenous beliefs 55 percent Christian 30 percent Muslim 15 percent.
MYANMAREthnic groups Burman 68 percent Shan 9 percent Karen 7 percent Arakanese (Rakhine) 4 percent Chinese 3 percent Mon 2 percent Indian 2 percent Other 5 percent.Languages Burmese (official) ; minority ethnic groups have their own languages.Religious affiliations Buddhist 73 percent Indigenous beliefs 12 percent Protestant 6 percent Muslim 3 percent Hindu 2 percent Other 4 percent.