AP: Crops Wheat Geography Notes on Production and Distribution of Wheat in India

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Types of Industries and Locational Patterns


  • Originated in Asia Minor and Middle East Temperate and Subtropical crop
  • Grown mechanically on extensive farms
  • Temperature (July isotherm of marks the northern limit of wheat cultivation in the northern hemisphere)
  • Where wheat could not be grown in winter (because of extreme cold) , It is grown in spring.
  • Best wheat comes form Chernozem soils (Ukranian Black Earth) , brown prairies and grey brown podzolic soils of the deciduous forest regions.
  • The Polder Lands (reclaimed from sea) Belgium and the Netherlands with their fertile marine clay or riverine silt gives high wheat yields.
  • An open, rolling topography with adequate drainage is needed
  • Terraced wheat farming is unusual, except in Japan and China
  • Spring wheat is grown in colder north of the Canadian Prairies and in parts of the Continental steppes and Siberia. Elsewhere, winter wheat is grown.
  • Hard Red Spring Wheat: Colder and drier Russia, Canada and USA.
  • Hard Red Winter Wheat Southern CIS, Danube Basin of C. Europe, wheat crescent of Argentina and central USA
  • Soft Red Winter Wheat Western Europe and the eastern states of USA.
  • Soft White Wheat Western USA, Australia, S. Africa, Chile, Europe and most of Asia.