AP: Regional Human Geography: H Geography Notes on Ethinc Groups, Languages and Religious Affiliations of Countries Starting with H

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Humanistic Approach: 4 Key Elements
Table Shows Regional Human Geography: H
HAITIEthnic groups Black African 95 percent Mixed race and European 5 percentLanguages French (official) , Creole (official) .Religious affiliations Roman Catholic 80 percent Protestant 17 percent Nonreligious 1 percent Other 2 percent Nearly onehalf of the population also practices Vodun (also called Vodou or voodoo) .
HONDURASEthnic groups Mestizo 90 percent Native American (primarily Miskito, Payas, Xicaques, Zambo) 7 percent Black African 2 percent White 1 percent. 7Languages Spanish (official) , Native American dialects, Creole, English.Religious affiliations Roman Catholic 94 percent Protestant, other 6 percent.
HUNGARYEthnic groups Hungarian (Magyar) 89.9 percent Roma (Gypsy) 4.0 percent German 2.6 percent Serbian 2.0 percent Slovak 0.8 percent Romanian 0.7 percent.Languages Hungarian (Magyar) (official) 98.2 percent Other 1.8 percent.Religious affiliations Roman Catholic 63 percent Calvinist 20 percent Lutheran 5 percent Atheist 4 percent Nonreligious 7 percent Other 1 percent.

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