Advanced Placement Chinese: Exam Details

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The exam is approximately of 2 hours and 15 minutes and has two sections-multiple choice and free response. Each section of the exam, listening, reading, writing, and speaking comprises of 25% of the final exam grade

The exam will be administered at the computer. On the day of examination, you will have to follow the instructions told by the proctor. While doing various parts in the exam, you have to read on the screen, listen through a headset, type through the keyboard, and speak into a microphone. Read all the information given on the screen carefully.

Section I: Multiple Choice-70 Questions; 1 Hour and 30 Minutes

Part A-Listening: 30 − 35 questions; 20 minutes

  • You have to identify the appropriate continuation of a conversation (10 − 15 questions; 10 minutes; 10% of exam grade)
  • Answer all the questions on various types of listening stimuli (15 − 20 questions; 10 minutes; 15% of exam grade)

Part B-Reading: 35 − 40 questions; 60 minutes

  • Answer questions on various types of reading texts.
  • Total scores of the multiple-choice section are based on correct answers. Points are neither deducted for incorrect answers nor points are awarded for unanswered questions.

Section II: Free Response-4 Tasks; 45 Minutes

Part A-Writing: Narration of a story suggested by the series of pictures (15 minutes; 15% of exam grade)

Read and answer e-mail messages (15 minutes; 10% of exam grade)

Part B-Speaking: Give your response to a series of thematically linked questions as part of a simulated conversation (4 minutes; 10% of exam grade)

Give a presentation on the aspect of Chinese culture (7 minutes; 15% of exam grade)

Some choices will be there for reading and writing in Chinese. Display and input options do not affect your exam score:

  • Display-Chinese text will be displayed on the screen in either traditional characters or simplified characters or can toggle between the two versions if required.
  • Input-One can type Chinese text by Microsoft Pinyin IME (MSPY), based on Hanyu Pinyin, and the Microsoft New Phonetic IME, based on Zhuyin Fuhao (Bopomofo).