Advanced Placement French: Exam Details

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The exam is of approximately 3 hours and contain two sections-multiple choice and free response. Each section of the exam comprises of 50% of the final exam grade.

Section I: Multiple Choice-65 Questions; 1 Hour and 35 Minutes

In case of MCQ section, the questions may be related to identify main ideas, significant details, purpose, and desired audience of a variety of texts and to make inferences and predictions based on them. Understanding of cultural or interdisciplinary information contained in the text is very much required in some questions.

Part A: 30 questions; 40 minutes

  • Questions on different authentic print materials (e. g. journalistic and literary texts, announcements, advertisements, letters, maps, and tables).

Part B: 35 questions; 55 minutes; 2 sections

  • Questions may be asked on various authentic audio materials, including interviews, podcasts, public service announcements, conversations, and brief presentations.
  • Section 1 focuses on audio texts that are clubbed with print materials
  • Section 2 focuses solely on audio texts.
  • Before listening to the audio read and skim each question very carefully. Each audio text will be play two times.

Total scores of the MCQ section will be based on the number of correct answers. Points are neither deducted for incorrect answers nor points are awarded for unanswered questions.

Section II: Free Response-4 Tasks; 1 Hour and 25 Minutes

Part A-Writing:

  • Read carefully and reply to an email message (15 minutes)
  • Quote an essay having convincing power, with the elements of reality based on three sources an article, a table and a related audio source (played twice), they are sufficient to show different viewpoints of the topic (15 minutes to review materials plus 40 minutes to write)
  • You can use the print sources and have access on notes that you may take on the audio during the 40-minute writing period.

Part B-Speaking:

  • You will have to participate in 5 exchanges in a simulated conversation (20 seconds each). Regarding this conversation, a preview of the conversation will be provided, including an outline of each exchange.
  • You will have to present a 2 minute presentation in response to a prompt on a cultural topic comparing cultural features of your own community with the French-speaking world.