AP Italian Course Outline

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The AP Italian Language and Culture course aims to promote proficiency in Italian and explore culture in contemporary and historical contexts.

This course focuses on communication: Skills and abilities in the Interpersonal, Interpretive and Presentational modes of communication.

  • In Interpersonal Communication, it contains conversations, expression of ideas, and exchange of opinions both spoken and written Italian.
  • In Interpretive Communication, you have to understand and analyse written and spoken Italian on different types of topics.
  • In Presentational Communication, you have to present information and ideas using spoken and written Italian to the audience.

Encourages cultural awareness: Students will enrich with an understanding and appreciation of different aspects of the cultures of the Italian-speaking world including:

  • Products of culture like television and film, books, newspapers, music, laws, and institutions.
  • Practices of culture like customs, traditions, and interaction patterns.
  • Perspectives of culture such as values, attitudes, and beliefs.

Incorporates themes: a wide variety of topics with interesting, meaningful and engaging contexts are to be studied-

  • Global Challenges
  • Science and Technology
  • Contemporary Life
  • Personal and Public Identities
  • Families and Communities
  • Beauty and Aesthetics

Interests shared by you and your teacher will be reflected by instructural content like the arts, current events, literature, sports etc. Along with the textbooks, resources may also include websites, podcasts, films, newspapers, magazines, and literature.

The course aims to develop your language skills that can be well used far beyond the Italian course and in Italian study and everyday lives.