Advanced Placement Italian: Exam Details

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The exam is of approximately 3 hours and contain 2 sections-multiple choice and free response. Each section of the exam is comprised of 50% of the final exam grade.

Section I: Multiple Choice-70 Questions; 1 Hour and 20 Minutes

Identification of the main ideas, significant details, purpose, and intended audience of a variety of audio and written texts are the main crux of MCQ section and based on that making inferences and predictions there on:

Part A: 30 − 34 questions; 25 minutes

  • In the following section, questions may be based on wide variety of audio sources, that includes authentic materials such as: Conversations, announcements, instructions, advertisements, and news reports. Audio sources will only be played single time.

Part B: 36 − 40 questions; 55 minutes; 2 sections

  • Questions may be based on different variety of authentic print materials including journalistic and literary texts, announcements, advertisements, tables, and charts.
  • The total scores of the multiple-choice section will be based on the number of correct answers. Points are neither deducted for incorrect answers nor points are awarded for unanswered questions.

Section II: Free Response-4 Tasks; 1 Hour and 25 Minutes

Part A-Writing:

  • Carefully Read and reply to an email message (15 minutes)
  • Quote an essay having convincing power based on 3 sources namely an article, a table or graphic, and a related audio source (played twice), which will present different viewpoints of the topic (15 minutes to review materials and plus 40 minutes to write)
  • Students can use the print sources and have access on notes, you may take on the audio during the 40-minute writing period.

Part B-Speaking:

  • You will have to participate in 5 exchanges in a simulated conversation (20 seconds each). In the simulated conversation, a preview of the conversation including an outline of each exchange will be provided to you.
  • Present a 2 minute presentation on a cultural topic comparing cultural features of your own community with that of the Italian-speaking world.