AP Latin Course Outline

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AP Latin course is shaped to provide advanced high school students with a rich and rigorous Latin course, almost it is similar to an upper-intermediate i.e.typically fourth or fifth semester college or university Latin course. You will be able to read, understand, translate, and analyse Latin poetry and prose, after the completion of the course.

You can learn how to prepare and translate the various Latin readings with an accuracy that reflects brief understanding of the Latin and its details as an AP student; you will also have to encounter with the unfamiliar passages at sight, even if not with full understanding of every detail. These 2 types of study powerfully reinforce each other and enrich your knowledge. The following course thus provides time for regular, sustained, and integrated practice at sight reading.

Throughout the AP Latin course, you can enhance your language skills and abilities through various activities: Precise and brief, literal translation of prepared poetry and prose; reading with comprehension of sight passages, i.e.poetry and prose; and written analyses that reflects and demonstrate the results of critical reading in clear and arguments supported by the textual examples. You can then become profound and can be able to relate those readings with the historical, political and cultural contexts in which they were created, and can achieve more thorough and deeper understanding of these classic works of literature.