Advanced Placement Latin: Exam Details

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The exam is of approximately three hours and contain two sections-multiple choice and free response. Each section comprises of 50% of the final exam grade.

Contents of Section I: Multiple Choice-50 Questions; 1 Hour

  • Syllabus Reading will include: Vergil and Caesar-about 20 questions
  • Sight Reading will include: Poetry and Prose-about 30 questions
  • The MCQ section aims to test your understanding on various topics of poetry and prose syllabus readings as well as their skills to read at sight. The focus of the questions will be on reading and comprehensing Latin poetry and that require relation of the Latin texts with various other contexts like Roman historical, cultural, and literary contexts.

Total scores of the MCQ section will be based on correct answers. Points are neither deducted for incorrect answers nor points are awarded for unanswered questions.

Contents of Section II: Free Response-5 Questions; 2 Hours with a Compulsory 15 Minute Reading Period

Three type of questions will be there in the free response section.

  • 2 translations of Vergil and Caesar.
  • 1 comparative analysis essay question based on analysing the linguistic and literary features of Latin texts.
  • 2 short answers on Vergil and Caesar.

Each translation question accounts for 7.5 percent of the total score in the free response section, analytical essay will comprise of 20 percent of the total score, and 15 percent of the total score will be of short answer questions.