Outline on AP Spanish Literature Course

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The outline focuses on AP Spanish Literature and Culture course which is designed and aimed to provide, a learning experience to the students which is also similar to that of an introductory college course in literature subject written in Spanish language.

The following course aims to the introduction to the formal study of a representative body of texts from Peninsular Spanish, Latin American, and USA Hispanic literature. Opportunity will be provided to demonstrate your proficiency as well as efficiency in Spanish across the 3 modes of communication viz. interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational and 5 goals viz. communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities.

The desirable aim of the course is to provide you various opportunities for further development of your proficiencies all over the range of language skills-special and specific focus will be on critical reading skills and analytical writing and knowledge-and to motivate and encourage you. Literature will be written in Spanish and includes rich and diverse body of literature, skills and knowledge are very much required for the same.