The outline of AP Spanish Language Course

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The advanced level (5th-and 6th-semester or the equivalent) college Spanish language course can be compared with the AP spanish language course. It emphasises on active communication of spanish, it focuses on aural/oral skills such skills include reading comprehension, grammar, and composition.

The objectives of the course helps you to:

  • understand spanish with natural speed or pace as spoken by the prominent spanish speakers, with a wide variety of regional pronunciations, which is informal (interpersonal) and formal (presentational)
  • Without the dependency on dictionary, it aims develop an effective vocabulary for reading newspaper and magazine articles, contemporary literature, and other non-technical writings (websites, letters and emails, advertisements, signs and instructions) in Spanish
  • express your views and thoughts in spanish by describing, narrating, enquiring, and developing arguments, it can be oral or written with having reasonable fluency, various strategies are used for different audiences and in communicative contexts.

This course, aims to focus on the use of well authentic source materials and the clubbing of language skills. Therefore, training is very crucial in this regard, you should receive training in profound skills like listening, reading, and speaking (or listening, reading, and writing) in a manner to demonstrate your understanding of Spanish-language materials and its resources.