Information on AP Course Audit 2021

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The main crux and aim of the AP Course Audit is to provide secondary and higher education constituents with the assurance that an “AP” designation on a student՚s transcript is credible i.e.. the AP Program has legally empower the course that has exceeded the curricular requirements and classroom resources that demonstrate the academic rigor of a comparable college course. For the authorization from the College Board to label a course as “AP,” participation of the teachers in the AP Course Audit is must.

Then the Courses authorized to use the “AP” designation are further included in the AP Course Ledger made available to colleges and universities each fall. Each AP Course Ledger entry accurately reflects the AP courses offered within each academic year, it is the prime responsibility of every school.

The AP Program aims on and supports the principle that every school must introduce its own curriculum for courses labeled “AP.” Instead of compulsory any one curriculum for AP courses, the AP Course Audit rather provides each AP teacher with a set of expectations that college and secondary school faculty nation wide have established for college-level courses. AP teachers are motivated to develop or maintain their own curriculum that includes or exceeds each of these expectations; such courses will then can legally use the “AP” designation. The individual schools and teachers that have created powerful, locally designed AP curriculam, the success credit of AP programs belong to them.

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